Google launches Optimize : Free A/B testing tool for all

Google has launched Google Optimize, Free A/B Test...

What’s wrong with Ola’s business model? A frustrated Indian VC analyzes

A bit MBAish style – but a good recap on wha...

How Indian IT companies are failing a breed of entrepreneurs

In the startup ecosystem, there are majorly 2 type...

These terminally ill patients are talking about life and a funny way

Death is a topic that makes you cry your heart out...

A Perspective From #HelpYogi Team Volunteer On Stayzilla Case

Since there is lot of chatter, as one of the volun...

Dangal: Cinematic Representation of Competitive Marketing Strategy

Different market conditions call for different st...

This is what I feel about Aadhaar…

You are being watched but you aren’t suppose...

Jio claims 50 million subscribers are now Prime members

There is no Jio for you if you aren't upgrading.

China’s APUS Group acquires Indian startup, Siftr Labs

Siftr Labs has developed a proprietary Computer Vi...

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