Rocket Internet in India: What’s the Big Deal?

Their true strength is execution and exits. I have never seen a team execute as well as they do. They are in my opinion by far the most focused players in the European market when it comes to the start-up scene. Are they aggressive, unfair and hard to work with? Well, I don’t know about you but most successful people I know out there are usually aggressive, competitive and hard-charging. Whether you see them as unfair or hard to work with depends on which side of the table you sit. One can’t argue with their success though.

Of Rocketing Growth And The Real Slim Shady of India Internet Space

Having closely observed relative traffic to all these sites through multiple public data sources it is pretty clear Jabong today is getting more traffic than flipkart (around 250K mark – with flipkart relative number being less than 200K) i.e., as of today not even a month ago. That is what is so amazing about this rocketing venture from rocket internet.