Welcome to 2018 Version of NextBigWhat.

The internet is full of amazing insights and practical advice (on product/market/business/life).

In the days when fluff wins over depth, fake over real news, political discourse over futuristic talks – we all need a friend who pops up useful and relevant content. A friend who knows what is:

  1. Useful: keeping present and future in mind.
  2. Relevant: keeping one’s interest in the context.

This is precisely what we are driving the whole of 2018 : Usefulness and Relevancy. All our conferences and initiatives are focused on driving just one thing: Usefulness & Relevancy.

We aim to deeply drive #ProductThinking among geeks, marketers and entrepreneurs. For India to really leap forward, we need deeper product conversations and that’s what you will see on NextBigWhat the whole of 2018.

We (= You and I) are creating a new category of content – i.e. building on relevance and usefulness. You don’t find such content in Google anymore (and your social feed is anyways full of political chatter).

For now, we are starting with 5 broad topics*.

  • Growth & Marketing : Every startup/company needs. There is so much of wisdom out there and so much to talk/discuss and learn.
  • AI & ML : The world beyond tech and how it will shape the future.
  • FYI: That is, data and truth. Interpretation is up to you.
  • Culture & more: Well, you can’t really design for the next billion if you don’t get the cultural aspect of humanity.
  • Startups & Products : Of course, the new new products from startups to the biggies, we bring them all to you.

Feel free to compare (and diss) with reddit / producthunt etc etc, but here is the deal fellas:

We are on a mission to bring relevant and useful content to the web, driven by community. Unlike our competitors, we don’t believe in pushing anything and everything to you.

Slow web (say NO to BS).

Discover useful and relevant insights.

Use these insights to build your own NextBigWhat.

That’s all it is.

Join the community and do participate in the change.

Plus, our upcoming conference, ProductGeeks Conf is going to be one of the most important product conference and we are gonna bring a whole lot of #productThinking conversations at the conf.

And one more thing: We just launched the first batch of the product management course (more to come later).

– Ashish Sinha (*for any suggestion/feedback, please email: ashish@nextbigwhat.com or use this form).

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