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100MB : The App by Sachin Tendulkar

100MB Cricket is an app by the cricket god, Sachin Tendulkar.
1. Interact live with Sachin Tendulkar and get your hands on to special content from Cricket superstars.
2. Match schedules and live scores.
3. Access to Sachin’s memorabilia in his fan club / All of Sachin’s social media.
4. Omni-post: You can post to multiple social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) with a single tap. Also, you can access all your social media accounts inside the app.

Get it.

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  1. It’s a priceless platform for all SRT’s fan .. though I missed an opportunity to became prestigious audience of SRT’s most awaited upcoming movie .. but here I want grab it n express my love and respect towards him.. I made permanent SRT’s tattoo on my forearm and also made one Marathi poem on him.. If you allow me to show it I’ll be obliged..
    one more SRT Fan –
    Sachin Kotulkar

  2. This is SUCH A BAD APP (I do mean THE CAPS). It just won’t start – and importantly, I am just not sure why do you really need this?

    I really don’t see any exclusive content or anything exciting.

    Unless you are a die hard Sachin fan , I’d say – stay away.

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