Zoho launches Zoho DB: Marches ahead of Google/Y! and Microsoft

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Zoho adds another feather to it’s online office suite – Zoho DB.
Zoho DB provides online DB and reporting mechanism and is pretty much like an online avatar of Microsoft Access (and definitely much more than that..).

  • Convert spreadsheet to online databases
    Import .csv, .tsv files and manage your data and reports over the web
  • Drag and Drop based Report building
    Create charts, pivots, summary and other wide-range of reports through powerful drag & drop interface
  • SQL Support
    Query your database using any known SQL dialect for creating powerful & flexible reports.zoho
  • Share & Collaborate
    Share your data and reports for collaborative development and analysis
  • Embed into website/blog
    Create professional looking reports and embed into your website with simple copy/paste code
  • Visualization
    The data can be viewed in different ways using pivotal tables/charts.

Beauty of Zoho DB lies in the fact that it gives an excel like ease-of-use experience and yet provides the complexity of DataBases. Only time will tell how scalable Zoho DB is. I have just started playing with the tool and am amazed at how beautifully Zoho has exploited AJAX for a richer user experience.

With DB addition, Zoho is definitely marching ahead of Google/Yahoo and Microsoft, but one thing they probably need to focus on is distribution of apps (i.e partnership with a third-party provider to distribute Zoho apps to SMBs, just the way Google did).

Do give Zoho DB a spin and share your comments.

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  1. Mike

    I think these guys are just awesome..It’s not easy launching such kickass products every other month!!

    I wonder how do they manage to do so

  2. Raja

    Wow it was cool,I think they have a plan to get into Business Intelligence Space :)

  3. Sri

    ZOHO rocks as always, did start using DB & Reports, I must say very impressed, these guys can challenge any Bigwig…..

    Now that they have established, I hope they don’t’ sell the company only to make it another affair with Giants

  4. Mahesh

    ” distribution of apps “: For every startups, Distribution is the key.

    Distribution Fact: Microsoft Tied up with IBM to distribute DOS that caused world wide Explosion of MS-DOS.

    Google: tied up with Yahoo to distribute thier search tech which eventually people start using google.com main domain.

    Youtube: Widgetization which cause world wide explosion.

    Scribd.com: Again Widgetization and FaceBook Apps again leader in online Doc’s.

    ……and many other.

    For any product, Distribution has very high level of priority for Explosion and Dissemination.

  5. Alexis Brion

    That sounds good, but Zoho is not doing well with integration. For example, using Zoho Projects you are not allowed to import documents from Zoho Sheets or Zoho Writer.

    I have also complaints about the way Zoho “organize” files, so I have my doubts about Zoho new products… I have posted my opinion about Zoho Docs and Google Docs in my blog: http://www.designvsart.com/blog/

  6. Ashish

    I do agree with you to a certain extent. Zoho is launching new products but is not focusing on the usability/sexiness of the app. Infact, the funny thing is that their login screen is a pure replica of Google’s.

    I hope they stop building new products and instead focus on integrating their apps.

  7. Sean

    The next biggest hurdle for Zoho is to integrate the apps together and less confuse the end users..

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