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Exclusive : Zo Rooms Goes Out Of Sight [#shutdown]; Oyo Deal Done ?

It’s been almsot 24 hours and Zo Rooms, which last raised $30mn led by Tiger has been out of sight.

The site is not at all accessible and even the app isn’t functional (the servers are down).

OYO : ZO Deal

We earlier reported that OYO-Zo acquisition is almost in the final stage and from what we know, the deal is finalized and will be announced shortly.

But a shutdown without any announcement? That’s quite on the wrong side for any (consumer) business. This is where consumers/vendors start to lose trust in ‘startups’.

Both Oyo and Zo had similar revenues in FY14-15 (Zo: Rs. 2.6 crores, OYO: Rs. 2.4 crores), but Oyo has gained an edge owing to the massive funding ($100mn) they raised.

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  1. Zo Rooms has willibgly defaulted on bank loans eating up Taxpayers Money.

  2. Hello,

    Great article at BAD NEWS. OYO has a amazing entrepreneur who never learn how to get fail.

    OYO is exploring more in market.

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