UnPluggd : Whattay Event [Thank you all]

Beautiful? Sexy? Amazing?

Nopes – we don’t know how to describe the UnPluggd experience! The day was full of amazing talks, great demos and importantly, an audience that defines the startup ecosystem in India.

Beautiful? Sexy? Amazing?

Nopes – we don’t know how to describe the UnPluggd experience! The day was full of amazing talks, great demos and importantly, an audience that defines the startup ecosystem in India.

On behalf of the entire UnPluggd team, we’ like to thank:

Our Sponsors

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Nexus Venture Partners : Nexus Venture Partners is India’s leading venture fund and invests in early stage companies across sectors.  The Nexus team comprises successful entrepreneurs and plays an active role in helping build market leading businesses.

VITTBI supports creation of knowledge based start ups by being a focal point of various interventions and being a catalyst for promotion of Entrepreneurship. The value proposition of VITTBI is anchored on three important components of innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem namely Knowledge, Networks and Access to Markets & Finance.

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The Speakers

UnPluggd has always been about UnPluggd talks and we’d like to thank all of our speakers for taking time and really ‘opening up’ with candid thoughts:
Jaspreet Singh (Druva), Baskar (Amagi), Paul Singh (500Startups) and Muki (PepperSquare) : All of you rock!! We love you guys.
And of course, a special mention to YoursTruly theater group – our belief to do ‘something different (or what I call #randomshit)’ worked quite well, thanks to an amazing performance by the group.

The Team

In no particular order:
Anu Sharma : For being the emcee. We met for the first time on Thursday (Nov 29th) and there she was – taking care of the entire event anchoring (along with Pratyush Prasanna).
Nikhil Vishnu / Ashok Raghupathy /Nishanth : One Facebook post at UnPluggd group and the gentlemen offered to take care of the entire photography (we will be uploading all the pics very soon).
The Team : Jayadevan, Jai, Srikanth, Ashutosh, Ankur, Kunal, Sameer, Lokesh and a special mention goes to Pratyush – for handling all the activity on the stage.

The Audience

The biggest differentiator for UnPluggd is the curated audience and the maturity they bring – a lot of startups found customers, partners and friends at the event. So thank you all for being there and cheering up for the demo startups.

NEXT BIG WHAT? We’ll be doing more of this – things which entrepreneurs connect to. UnPluggd is about amazing content, something which is often missing in tech conferences in India.

For more ideas/suggestions, we recommend you to join the UnPluggd Facebook group and start interacting with the UnPluggd community. We will soon upload the event videos/pictures. Meanwhile, take a look at the Twitter chatter @UnPluggd: