Indian Rupee Symbol Font –How to Type it?

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Indian Rupee symbol has been announced and has been sent to the government for approval. And if you are wondering how will you type the rupee symbol using your keyboard, well it might take a year or so to get the symbol in action (to gain acceptance in India) and two years for international acceptance.

indian_rupee_symbolTechnically speaking, the symbol will be first sent to Unicode Consortium’s technical committee, in order to include the same in Unicode database.

The symbol will also be included in the Indian Standards, viz. 13194:1991 – Indian Script Code for Information Interchange (ISCII), through an amendment to the existing list by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The ISCII specifies various codes for Indian languages for processing on computers along with the key-board lay outs.

While the Government of India can mandate hardware manufacturers to include the symbol in keyboards, it can also be accessed through assigned keyboard combination or via the operating system’s Character Map, post approval from the Unicode Consortium (via).

Here are a possible options you can think of (via):

using U+0930 (i.e. Devnagari Letter, RA)


i.e., U+0052  (Latin letter R), and

( U+20a8, i.e. Rupee sign).

Maybe, to get the official Rupee symbol, you would have to wait for the new keyboards or hack from a typographer.


  1. Mohit

    Frankly not too enthused with the final choice. The symbol should take into account one important fact – people around the world need to use it. Hence, usability in terms of ease of writing is extremely important which, in my opinion, this symbol does not meet.

    1. Alok

      I absolutely agree with you Mohit……….
      But doesn’t that symbol represent Indian Ethos, Culture, Traditions, etc……. infact to summarize doesn’t it symbolizes or represent INDIA…………. YES Definitely it do represents……
      Now Answer me did USA, Europe, Japan, etc. thought of its useabiltiy before deciding……….
      Let the world know what India is, let them know through the medium of this symbol…….
      Let people take trouble to draw the Indian Rupee Symbol like we people while drawing US $ symbol we always think i can draw it in a more better way…….. let other people feel the same n make them feel how unique is India……….
      And if you still think its not worth then design a Symbol yourself & fight……..
      We Indians are always behind finding loop holes……
      N thn we keep on blaming / criticising our luck or other people for life time…… But we never think / have courage to find a solution of it nor we appreciate for what we have got……………

      1. Fight Back H1N1

        The question being that has this “New Rupee Symbol Design” competition done anything to motivate the young design talent that is present in India?

        And those who know the real story about how whole process for the selection was handled the would definitely have “No” for an answer.

        The new rupee symbol competition has exposed the unsightly face of the system that we live in. This had been a disgraceful example of baloney and disorganization on the part of the jury, a certain number of members of which did not even care to be present during the entire process of selection. It would be one shocking piece of information for anyone to learn that all seven jury members had never met during the whole process of selection. This action is a clear disrespect to something that holds national dignity and pride.

        Adding to the confusion, the guidelines were issued even without knowing how it will impact the final design. Guidelines were issued only in English, a language that is foreign to most of us even today and it won’t be wrong to consider it as the idiom for the elite’s only.

        So at the end of the day it is nothing more than a comical essay of a muddled execution of a noble plan and its hilarious in a way when one learns that the administration was calling it a competition for “Aam Adami/Common Man”.

        There is no way that the publishing of guidelines in English can be justified when only 23 percent of India knows the language properly.

        The discrepancies on the part of the competition organizers does not end here .There is more to this story that would leave you nonplussed about the reluctance of the entire system.

        The Finance Ministry had short listed a total of 3331 Rupee sign design entries out of an unknown number of entries they had received. It was a random procedure.

        Being professional designers we know better than anybody else, the degree of concentration and the hard work that is required to come up with a unique idea. Here the issue was even more demanding as it was something which would represent the whole nation.

        So it goes without much hard mathematics that even if every candidate had spent only 72 design hours on one new rupee sign respectively, the total duration amounts to a mammoth of 9991 days. This ,in short means that approximately 30 design years were spend to come up with 3331 designs for new Indian rupee symbol design.

        And the jury had spent only 17 hours which comes to approximately 18 seconds on each entry reluctant to looking at the concept and brief.

        Source :

      2. rajkumar

        excellent Alock,plz stop criticising others,do dare to come out with solutions.if we will start using this symbol we will find its best currency symbol in t world thats represent indian culture and civilization.
        best of luck

        1. raheza

          What !!! we have just copied the the euro symbol and replaced the E with R !!!! itz not a great achievement my dear!!!!!!

  2. nidhin.oc

    There is much better option than tat. type R in any devanagiri font and do a strikes through. Simple.It will almost help for the time being.

  3. DINNY

    the top line in the symbol could have been excluded. that would have made the writing simple.


    Non-eligible Candidate Won Indian Rupee Symbol Design Competition –

    According to guidelines one candidates had only send maximum two design entries but he had submitted the 4 designs.Link Which clearly violates the guideline issued by Finance Ministry.

    Second violation of guideline is his symbol itself, as it’s not applicable to standard keyboard or Unicode enable.

  5. kinjal

    US keyboard has “$” on number “4”..
    US International keyboard has “$ and pound” on number “4”
    devanagari keyboard has “Ra(? )” exactly at number “4”

  6. Hiran

    $ is not a currency symbol, its widely used by programmers. Hence we can’t and add it.

    the Indian Rupee Symbol already have a Unicode position. If a font design add the symbol to that value it will be there. What we now miss is a keyboard way to _type_ it.

    What you suggest are incorrect, Its not Unicode value its keyboard point you need. A three button combination like Alt+Cnrl+R (its just example) could be made for such a need.

    Hiran Venugopalan
    Typeset Developer

  7. shankypanky

    I still don’t get how to type it. I tried holding Alt key and typing 20a8 then releasing the alt key, but this appears : ? !?? Am I doing it wrong ?

    1. shankypanky

      Forgot to check “Notify me of followup comments via e-mail”

  8. progment

    We have made the first font with support for Indian currency symbol.

    How to use ?

    1. Download the above attached font inr2.ttf from

    2. Install the font. (It is easy. Just copy the font and paste it in “Fonts” folder in control panel)

    3. Start using it. :) by typing Shift + 6 (^)

      1. ARB

        WORKS ONLY IN NOTEPAD AND THAT TOO ONLY IN YOUR PC, IF YOU SEND ACROSS (eg email chat old key character appears.

  9. Sanskar Shrivastava

    At first I didn’t find it much attractive but now I kinda like it. I am proud that our currency has joined the elite currency club. though it wont be printed or embossed on the currency notes. keyboard will be soon modified. I can’t wait to see that all. India has done really great to project its economical strength

    With Regards
    ~Sanskar Shrivastava

  10. ShashiKkant
    Free Font of Rupee Symbol – Download and Use Free

    Free Font of Rupee Symbol – Download and Use
    Free Full Typing English Fonts.

    his is a new version of the Rupee font. Previous font doesn’t contain glyphs for letters from A to Z. This font contains all letters.

  11. Lakshmi

    Ya its good, appreciable, really great that India got an economical value

  12. Chaya

    congratulations Mr.Uday Kumar! You have done a wonderful job, Really great.Indians will be proud of you. Hope your name will be there in our guinees book

  13. Vrushali

    Download & install the font: Rupee_Foradian.
    Open Microsoft Word. New file.
    Set Rupee Foradian as Font in font selection Menu.
    Type “~” – left most button. Just below Escape key … You will get Indian Rupee Symbol – ` .

  14. Sasidharan

    Tips for Symbol installation:

    1. Download & install the font: Rupee_Foradian.
    2. Open Microsoft Word. New file.
    3. Set Rupee Foradian as Font in font selection Menu.
    4. Type “~” – left most button. Just below Escape key … You will get Indian Rupee Symbol – ` .

  15. dilip yashwant joshi


  16. Manohar

    Why not type the hindi font ‘ra’ and use the strikeout option in typing the font? It should work, though I haven’t tried it yet

  17. Siddharth Menon

    I second @mohit its difficult to incorporate or type this symbol everywhere. The usability was thought of.

    It will take now yrs before all of have Keyboard with Rupee symbol … so US-ENG Keyboard won’t work for India anymore.

  18. MANI


  19. Raj saini From (Raj.) B'lore


  20. Tarun Kumar

    It’s a very good symbol of Indian currency b’coz every people (Indian and forner) can understand of this symbol………

  21. Santosh Shinde-Paithan


  22. Kalpana

    The new symbol for Rupee looks good.. Thanks for Mr. Udaya Kumar

  23. Madhuri

    Really good efforts put in. So far none has attempted to atleast give a thougt for it but you have give amazing results. Keep it up.


  24. hrishikesh.k.p

    very nice………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..i like it very much but $ sign is more attractive than the sign of Indian rupees,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  25. uday kumar

    congrates brother…….u r very creative mind……………

  26. Shail

    We all speak about tradition , indian ethos and wat not … we are so Indian .. Damn you are right we are so Indian , so wats your problem ? Mein Hindustani Hoon , Are you ? ;)

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