ClearTrip targets 30% growth..Traffic stats from other OTAs

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ClearTrip has shared some interesting stats and growth projections – the company achieved a turnover of Rs 650 crore last fiscal year and is targeting Rs 850-900 crore in 2008-09.

The site

  • receives 1.5-1.75 lakh visits a day – (30-35% are UUs, 15-20% of them are first-timers)
  • 15-20% of them are first-timers.
  • Search-to-booking-conversion rate is 5-6% for domestic airlines, 10% for railways and 2-3% for hotels.  – source

Traffic/Stats of Indian OTAs

As per comscore(*), the traffic seems to decline consistently (representative of the flight occupancy/airline industry) – MMT and Yatra are the only who seem to be heading north.

What’s your take?

*: I believe, quite a significant traffic to OTAs come from cybercafes, which comscore doesn’t track – so take these numbers with a pinch of salt.


  1. Chandra

    As a developer and designer of websites, I always prefer using simple websites which are easy to use. Cleartrip rocks. Easy to use and very well designed. Almost all other travel sites have to revamp their UI.

  2. Ravi Venkatraman

    If the topline for 2008-09 is projected to be Rs 850-900 crore and like last year 80% of the turnover is from Airline ticket, with Squeeze in Domestic Airline booking commission, It won’t add much to the bottomline.
    The only way to grow in this industry is to increase Hotel Booking, but the hotel conversion rate is relatively low.
    It’s high time the OTA’s report the actual commision they earn and not the turnover. Otherwise we are in for OTA bubble.

    The MMT and Yatra offers Internation Airline tickets and the spike may very well be due to NRI traffic.
    Surprised to see low #’s for iXiGo

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