That’s what the global entrepreneurial community has to say about NextBigWhat, India’s largest platform for entrepreneurs.

The response to NextBigWhat’s coverage of Vgulp has been phenomenal. We established ourselves over night with lot of inbound calls from customers who were upright ready to pay, opened up further press opportunities and our portal traffic multiplied 5x showing early signs of virality. Most importantly, we were struggling to establish facebook login as defacto for our app, and the users weren’t really happy with it. The article helped us nurture trust with the users, and we received a ton of feedback.

As a first time entrepreneur, the support of NextBigWhat is life changing, and instilled the confidence that we are building something that people really want. I have always been inspired by news from the Valley, and what NextBigWhat is doing for the Indian start-up community is second to none. Kudos to the NextBigWhat team. Sheer brilliance! [Anand Janardhanan, Founder of Vgulp]

NextBigWhat really cares about startups, the startup community and understands the culture, the needs of the entrepreneurs. Having myself been an entrepreneur in technology space since late 2008, there are only two blogs that I feel compelled to follow religiously and this is one of them.

They truly heart startups and kudos to their passion about this.

On another note, my interaction has been primarily with Ashish. Irrespective of who you are, big or small, this person takes out time and always tries to do the right thing. I really respect this. all the best team.

– Nitin, Country Head, PayU India

We, at PosterGully.com sincerely thank Ashish Sinha and his team at NextBigWhat. for building the most interactive and up-to date start-up community of India. NextBigWhat helped us to get a lot of traction right after we launched and the traffic immediately got converted to revenue. Reading reviews and articles here are a daily routine for all of us at PosterGully (much of a regime actually). Keep up the awesome work and thanks for creating this informative network of entrepreneurs.

– Bharat Sethi, PosterGully

“Although I have always loved new technology but I was never deeply into it until I started following NextBigWhat.com. At this point in time, I am addicted to it. I am probably the most regular visitor of NextBigWhat.com out of the NextBigWhat.com team. Every time I login to my laptop, checking updates on NextBigWhat.com is the second thing I do after checking my email.

It is all due to NextBigWhat.com that I was introduced to some of the finest people and got to know their views through their blogs..I was introduced to many useful ideas that can be easily developed in Pakistan and bring a positive change in people’s life (we are already working on one of the idea that I was introduced to through NextBigWhat.com). “

– Khurram Shahzad, Athena Acumen Consulting/Pakistan

Its just amazing to see the response and inquiries regarding the product post the Article on your website. The flow to our website has increased twice as much , and the best part is the B2B calls have also doubled.. I would like to thank you guys for the Honest feedback on the product. Its been a very good experience.

I wish you guys the very best of success for the future. And hope you keep up your good work !

– Srinivas Kumar, Founder & CEO of Duroware received 140 calls and closed important deals within a day of Pluggd.in profiling them on the site.

Just wanted to thank you (especially Ashutosh) for your feature about Carkhana.com on NextBigWhat. It was one of the first in our recent series of online coverage and we couldn’t be happier. The post did get some encouraging comments within our community and inspires us to work harder and achieve our objectives.

In fact, a lot of opportunities (in terms of new contacts, business inquiries, media) knocked on our doors post your feature, something which reflects the wide reach, credibility and impact of Pluggd.in.

NextBigWhat surely is the biggest Indian platform for internet/tech and related start-ups and this testimonial is just one of those reflections!

All the best folks. you guys are doing a great job to this start-up community in India!

– Harneet, Co-founder of Carkhana.com

Firstly, let me start by thanking you and the entire NextBigWhat Team, we gauged the response to our post on NextBigWhat and it was quite good. I think you guys are doing a wonderful job and are playing a very important role in developing the Startup Ecosystem in India. It is really great when a startup like ours can generate some buzz and have validation from the industry about the kind of work we are doing.

– Adeel, Business Development at Sutra Services Pvt. Ltd.

Almost every startup featured by Pluggd.in would agree to what has been stated by everyone in the above testimonials.

NextBigWhat was the first blog to write about our product – Bijness.in. The insightful feedback that we got from the team helped us improve our offering & get better. It not only added to our credibility to be featured on The Pluggd.in, but also helps us get the initial visibility, that kick started our journey!

From a point of view of two weeks old startup, I would say that now I realize better how Pluggd.in contributes to the Indian startup ecosystem! A big thanks to the Pi Team for not just creating a blog but a platform for entrepreneurs!

– Nitin Purswani, Founder, Bijness.in

When Ashish and Arvind agreed to include Burgeon’s AutoClean in their community, it was a blessing in disguise.

Unassuming and humble, they took us in, and wrote an article which changed our fortunes, literally.

We have seen hits on our Youtube page increase tenfold and enquiries which flowed in, were enough to ensure that Bangalore was always in our sights.

The strong feedback from the Pluggd.in community, ensured that our feet were firmly planted on Terra Firma.

– Werner Egipsy Souza Head-Sales, Burgeon Systems, AutoClean range of cleaning robots.

Pluggd.in helped us establish our brand by featuring our products.We got many important business leads after this-clients were directly approaching us!. Apart from all this , Pluggd.in reveiw-pit was a real test lab for us to get feedback and validation from the end users on our products and services.

Thanks to Ashish & team , Pluggd.in is one place no startup should miss out at any cost and without any doubt i would say Pluggd.in the techcrunch for Indian startups!

– Deepak Ravindran,Co-founder & CEO (Innoz)

I am a regular reader of pluggd and I have known Ashish and his team for a very long time. Pluggd’s commitment in informing us about startups and industry developments is unparalleled. Events such as “unpluggd” cannot be organized without a fixation towards the core mission of nurturing the startup community.

The swiftness with with Pluggd operates is impressive. If there is a startup story out there that we need to know, then pluggd has covered it. I am trying to resist the cliche` “Techcrunch of India”, but I unable to. I request you to read NextBigWhat.com regularly

– Shivku, Founder & CEO, Roopit.

Pluggd.in caters mainly to Techies who form the early adopter and opinion makers in India. We launched Mobitop(our B2B product) on NextBigWhat.com, it helped us gauge market response, gear better for future promotions, it also got us some awesome leads and some exciting employees … Above all this what I love the most is the fact that from really early days when Mobisy was nothing, Ashish was extremely reachable and responsive in his communication.

And I am very happy to see that the core values of NextBigWhat.com remain undiluted even when commercial obligations have increased since the time Ashish started doing this full time. So I am all for Pluggd.in go go go … one of my favorite blogs in the world.

– Lalit, CEO/Founder of Mobisy

We have gained immensely from NextBigWhat.com. In our early stages as an alpha product, NextBigWhat.com provided us the much required visibility and candid review which helped us refine our approach and technology.

Earlier I used to visit a lot of leading tech blogs but over time realized the value of good insightful content, today PI is one site I start my day with and I just love it for the quality of their posts and also comments.

I hope they maintain the same standards and dont transform into blogs that just ogle  trivial and entertainment oriented content like some of the so called leading international blogs which seem to have lost their sense of purpose.

– Sumeet Anand, CEO/Founder of Kreeo

Pluggd.in has definitely established itself as one of the leading  technology media company of India. I remembered from the early days of TringMe, it was NextBigWhat.com who gave us the first visibility in the Indian market. It was very important for us. Although we received a great visibility outside India due to the other coverages, no one knew that TringMe was an Indian startup and I sincerely thank Pluggd.in for it.

Later, I got a couple of great opportunities to interact with Ashish – founder of Pluggd.in on his vision and other interesting discussions including startup-disco & unpluggd. All I can say is that he is truly a visionary entrepreneur, shaping NextBigWhat.com from an one man army to a large team now.

And if you ask me what makes them deliver better value to it’s reader, it’s their growth path which is like any other startups who has gone from labor pain to finally deliver exceptional value and experience.

I sincerely thank the whole NextBigWhat.com team for contributing exceptional values to the Indian entrepreneurs community and looking forward to more and more quality contents from you. Remember, you have raised the bar and keep raising it. Wish you all the best.

– Yusuf, Founder & CEO of TringMe

“Its been just a few days since our review was posted on NextBigWhat.com and we already have business inquiries and candid comments which will help us go a long way. I am sure this is just a start and we still have a lot to come.

The content on NextBigWhat.com is just so amazing and informative. Thank You Ashish & Team. You are doing a great job by giving such an effective platform for startups.

– Abhishek Chipre of OyeGirl

As mentioned by Vivek Wadhwa in his techcrunch article, Pluggd.in is truly the techcrunch of India. Not only it provides you with your daily dose of news in the startup space in India, it also keeps you on your toes to look out for competitors.

Pluggd.in’s team did a surreptitious review on our ‘still under wrap’ beta product Revu and took all of us founders by surprise. We may have been better of with the review delayed by atleast a fortnight, but hey this is Web 2.0. You need to release fast and keep re-iterating. Their review provided some critical feedback and some reinforcement in our thinking. We were immediately contacted by a couple of VC’s and meeting with them gave us a new perspective to our offering.

Even in a regular Web 2.0, socially aware world and with our kick ass product, all this may not have been possible if we did not get featured on NextBigWhat.com. So thanks a bunch to NextBigWhat.com. I hope there was a better way to thank them.

– Mayank Sharma, Founder of Revu.

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