Arjit Bansal

This 16 Year Old Indian Student Wins Microsoft Global Power Point Competition

More than 740,000 exams were uploaded as part of this competition

Video Editing Technologies

A Look At Growth of Video Editing Technology [Tools]

List of products which by their technology and/or usability take video editing to another level.

D'lecta Cafe automatic tea brewing machine atm

This Indian Company Is Launching An Automatic Fresh Tea Brewing Machine [CoffeeTech]

Tea leaves of choice are infused in the machine to maximize flavor, smoothness and aroma of the final brew and dispense a cup of refreshing hot tea. The tea can be had black, green or white.

Top 10 Programming Langauges

And The Most Popular Programming Language Is? [IEEE Data]

Before we start a religion war over programming languages, we clearly want to tell you that the below data point is collected by IEEE Spectrum which weighted and combined 12 metrics from 10 sources (including IEEE Xplore, Google, and GitHub) to rank the most popular programming…

Sun is Cool!

With No Electricity For 30 Years, This Village in Bihar Now Runs Solely on Solar Power [Sun Is Cool]

The 100 kilowatt (kW) system powers the 450 homes of the 2,400 residents, 50 commercial operations, two schools, a training centre and a health care facility. A battery backup ensures power around the clock

Social Logins : Facebook Grows To 55%; G+ is Number 2 [Q2 Data]

Social Logins : Facebook Grows To 55%; G+ is Number 2 [Q2 Data]

Facebook leads the social logins provider game, especially in regions outside US.


Stop Working On That Feedly Substitute, Facebook now Saves!

Face Save can open up a veritable Pandora’s box of businesses it starts to step on the toes of.

Buildabazaar App Store

DIY Ecommerce Platform, BuildaBazaar Launches Third Party App Store

BuildaBazaar has launched third party app store, giving BuildaBazaar merchants new features and tools to increase sales and improve customer experience on their BuildaBazaar stores.