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Selling Via Text: WhatsApp An Emerging Marketing Tool

Change is the only thing that is constant in the world of marketing innovation. We are currently experiencing the transition from traditional means of marketing to digital and more engaging means. Within the realm of digital, innovations in marketing are rising in sync with the quick rise in technological innovations. Branded communications are getting more targeted and personal day-by-day, and what better way to target a personalized message to a consumer, than through the use of instant messaging applications?whatsapp

We are all well aware of the smartphone phenomenon that has gripped the nation by storm. The main reason for this is the level of connectivity that smartphones provide, through a plethora of instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Hike, Snapchat, etc. Amongst all the popular instant messaging applications in use, WhatsApp comfortably leads the line in India, with more than 65 million active users, which constitutes a massive 10% of its entire global base!

The unprecedented emergence of WhatsApp, coupled with the increasing need of engaging consumers through personalized messages means only one thing – WhatsApp is THE next big thing for brands to capitalize on for improving their marketing efforts. A recent trend noticed is that an increasing number of people are skipping television commercials, choosing advertisement-free satellite radio and downloading browser extensions to block online advertisements. The mobile handset, used innovatively, is an avenue that marketers can ensure that they’ll be able to reach their audience.

How does WhatsApp marketing turn beneficial?

The use of WhatsApp messenger to disseminate news, information and media through the application is how text marketing works. People spend more time on WhatsApp than their personal social media profiles. With such a latent market, there is a potential for brands to connect to a large number of customers. It will also help in creating in sustainable relationships with customers, as online grievances can be handled in near real-time.

The support of multi-media content also doesn’t restrict the communications of the brands, thus paving more room for creativity and innovations. Many brands today have jumped onto the bandwagon but using WhatsApp similar to how they use SMS Marketing which results in spam. The strategic route that ensures success stays the same – creating a opt in facility versus pushing messages to a consumer who doesn’t wish to receive the information.

In India, for the first time, a brand used WhatsApp in its 360 degree marketing campaign. Considering the strong penetration WhatsApp has in India, we at MindShift Interactive innovatively used the instant messaging application to promote HomeShop18’s recent campaign – #ShoppingMakesMeHappy. WhatsApp, as a medium, was used to spread happiness to people on-the-go via amusing memes and jokes of the father-son duo of Billy and Sunny (mascots of HomeShop18), whilst providing offers to consumers as well. The interactive HomeShop18 microsite provided the customers the option of subscribing to entertaining memes, updates on the daily offers (called Caturday sales) and exciting offers weekly via WhatsApp. The campaign was a huge hit, with over 200,000 WhatsApp users subscribed to various contents from the microsite.

An addition to the data list was made on a weekly basis as the concept gained popularity and users enjoyed the fun messages from Bill & Sunny. HomeShop18 received traction in the range of 2X-3X. Transactions by customers that subscribed to the feeds was tracked as 15 -18 percent higher as compared to the SMS-medium.

The industry is breaking the advertising clutter by using tools that provides instant feedback. Although SMS has become relatively cheaper, switching onto a messenger that provides free message dissemination works in the favor of the brand. Instant messaging tools are fast becoming crucial for small retail businesses and brands, which want to build mass awareness, but don’t have the budgets to do so.

Working with the right mix of digital marketing with a deep data analysis can provide a better perspective of selling products to the right kind of people. Text messaging is a form of personal interaction which can provide a benefit of learningabout your customers on a closer level. By exploring the new digital marketing angle of text selling, MindShift Interactive provided a new perspective of looking at engaging brand marketing.

[Guest article by Zafar Rais,  CEO MindShift Interactive,]


Birds Eye Systems (Traffline) Secures Funding from Qualcomm Ventures

Birds Eye Systems Private Limited, which offers real-time traffic and travel information for Indian cities through a variety of mobile and internet channels under the Traffline brand has raised funding from Qualcomm Ventures.Birdseye

Birds Eye had earlier secured its first round of institutional funding from Matrix Partners India. 

The funds will be used for product development, marketing and user acquisition, multi-city expansion and help build a robust team across targeted cities.

“Birds Eye’s aims to serve commuters daily with real-time, contextual and socially relevant information. By aggregating information from the police and public utilities they’ve created a unique India specific data set. Through a set of mobile apps starting with – Traffline and Ridlr – commuters can also connect and share info with each other creating a large hyper local social network for the daily commute. We’re excited to be part of this journey with Brij and Ravi and welcome Qualcomm,” said Vikram Vaidyanathan director, Matrix Partners India. 

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wordpress tips

How to setup an E-Commerce site with WordPress?

If you are an online seller and would like to use wordpress to sell your ebooks/products, here is the list of ecommerce plugins that will enable you to setup an ecommerce site in just few clicks.

wordpress tips
wordpress tips

WP e-Commerce
The WP e-Commerce shopping cart plugin for WordPress is an easy to use fully featured shopping cart application suitable for selling your products, services, and or fees online. The plugin is integrated with Paypal/Google Checkout and costs $40 (additional modules can be bought).

Perfect for selling Bands & Record Labels/Clothing Companies/Crafters & Artists/Books, DVDs & MP3 files.


shopp Plugin

shopp is an e-commerce plugin that adds a feature-rich online store to your WordPress-powered website or blog. Get your store up and running in minutes. The plugin price starts from $55 and developer license is available for $299 (addon modules, like integration with HSBC/FedEx/UPS etc are available for $25 each).


DPD-Cart eCommerce Plugin

The DPD-Cart Plugin is an ecommerce solution to sell downloads with DPD from your WordPress (2.8+) blog. This plugin requires an active DPD account to use.

The DPD-Cart plugin connects via an API to the DPD system to automatically pull your available storefronts and storefront products in to your WordPress blog. From there, you can specify which storefront to associate with your WordPress blog, add a view cart / checkout button to the WordPress sidebar using a provided widget, and insert DPD add-to-cart buttons to any WordPress post or page by simply selecting the product you want from your list of configured and available products.


eShop is an accessible shopping cart plugin for WordPress, packed with various features, including integration with Google Base (for data creation), WPMU, utilizes wordpress pages to create product listings and integrates with, Paypal, Payson, eProcessingNetwork, Webtopay, iDEAL and Cash/Cheque.

Quick Shop
Quick Shop is a free plugin that installs a Sidebar Widget which shows the items in the cart and allows you to remove them, as well as allowing you to place tags in your posts which generate a form button to add products to the cart.

The current codebase works only for AU currency though.


If you are an artist, ArtPal is meant for you. ArtPal is a free (GPL) WordPress plugin, originally written for Artists, to seamlessly integrate PayPal with their WordPress blogs so that they can sell their work online. The plugin offers basic features like integration with paypal and real time sales updates.

Ecwid Shopping Cart

Ecwid is free full-fledged shopping cart that can be easily add to any blog. It offers the performance and flexibility you need, with none of the hassles you don’t. The plugin supports integration with Paypal/Google Checkout/UPS/FedEx etc and is quite heavy on AJAX.

Open Source YAK Plugin

YAK is an open source shopping cart plugin for WordPress. It associates products with weblog entries, so the post ID also becomes the product code. It supports both pages and posts as products, handles different types of product through categories, and provides customisable purchase options (cheque or deposit, basic credit card form, basic Google Checkout integration, standard PayPal integration, PayPal Payments Pro, and

The recent release adds a lot of useful feature like adding threshold based promotions/discount override etc.

Other plugins include

What’s important to note here is that most of these plugins will have limited functionality and if you need a complex product, it’s advisable to go custom development route.

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Government Officials To Use Secure NIC Mail Server To Protect Sensitive Data [100 Crores Budget]

With a view to safeguard critical and sensitive data, the government has decided to accept the proposal moved by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) to establish a secure and encrypted email service for government officials at a budget of INR 100 Crores. By the end of the current fiscal year, five million officials will be using the government’s secure email.


DeitY Secretary R S Sharma has told PTI that currently about a million officials are covered by secure mail and that it needs to scale up to cover a total of 5 million employees. This process will be completed by March 2015 and will include expanding infrastructure and improving security of servers that will be used to store the mails.

This move has come amid the rising reports of cyber-crime around the world and intelligence agencies spying on internet data on various countries. It will make sure that government employees do not use commercial email services. Defence Ministry and External affairs have been barred from using the NIC platform and will have its own secure mail server.


heartbleed vulnerability

Attention Startups : Bash Vulnerability CVE-2014-6271 Allows Remote Code Execution [Fix]

A vulnerability named CVE-2014-6271 was made public yesterday which was discovered last week. This vulnerability in bash lets an attacker to execute arbitrary code if he is allowed to pass commands to bash. As bash is a common shell for evaluating and executing commands from other programs, this vulnerability may affect many applications that evaluate user input, and call other applications via a shell.

Bash supports exporting shell variables as well as shell functions to other bash instances. This is accomplished through the process environment to a child process.

The major attack vectors that have been identified in this case are HTTP requests and CGI scripts.

Following are the mitigating steps you can take:

  • Upgrade to a new version of bash
  • Replace bash with an alternate shell
  • Limit access to vulnerable services
  • Filter inputs to vulnerable services

How to check if there is a vulnerable bash package on your server?

# env x=’() { :;}; echo vulnerable’ bash -c “echo this is a test”

A vulnerable binary will show:


this is a test

After upgrading the package, you should see:

bash: warning: x: ignoring function definition attempt

bash: error importing function definition for `x’

this is a test

Please follow the distros specific links below to upgrade your bash to versions mentioned ASAP:

  • CentOS
  • # yum upgrade bash
  • Debian
  • # apt-get update && apt-get install –only-upgrade bash
  • Ubuntu
  • # apt-get update && apt-get install –only-upgrade bash

For managed customers we are in process for update the bash package. Please write to for any queries you may have.

UPDATE from Redhat: Red Hat has become aware that the patch for CVE-2014-6271 is incomplete. An attacker can provide specially-crafted environment variables containing arbitrary commands that will be executed on vulnerable systems under certain conditions. The new issue has been assigned CVE-2014-7169. Upstrema developers are working on patches as a critical priority. We will keep you updated regarding this. You can keep track on

[Guest article by Team E2E. Reproduced from the blog]


Government Launches MakeInIndia Campaign, The NextBigWhat For The Country

Indian government has launched MakeInIndia, a campaign that focuses on homegrown innovation and industries. Government has identified 25 sectors in which India can become a global leader.

Government’s Goal : To move ‘doing business in India’ ranking from 134 to 50 in 3 years.


The governmetn has menioned that it is fully committed to de-licensing, deregulating and taking India to high growth trajectory. Government will identify select domestic companies who have demonstrated leadership in innovation & new technology. Govt has created a dedicated team to help investors.

Identified industries for MakeInIndia programme are:

MakeInIndia Industries
MakeInIndia Industries

Key highlights (and these are claims, right now)

Doing business in India just got easier – new de-licensing and deregulation measures are reducing complexity, and significantly increasing speed and transparency.

  • Process of applying for Industrial License & Industrial Entrepreneur Memorandum made online on 24×7 basis through eBiz portal.
  • Validity of Industrial license extended to three years.
  • States asked to introduce self-certification and third party certification under Boilers Act.
  • Major components of Defence products’ list excluded from industrial licensing.
  • All returns should be filed on-line through a unified form.
  • A check-list of required compliances should be placed on Ministry’s/Department’s web portal.

Infrastructure Support

  • Impetus on developing Industrial Corridors and Smart Cities.
  • A new ‘National Industrial Corridor Development Authority’ is being created to coordinate, integrate, monitor and supervise development of all Industrial Corridors.
  • Work on 5 smart cities in progress as a part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor: Dholera, Shendra-Bidkin, Greater Noida , Ujjain and Gurgaon?.
  • Chennai-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor: master Planning for 3 new Industrial Nodes [Ponneri (TN), Krishnapatnam (AP), Tumkur (Karnataka)] in progress.
  • The East Coast Economic Corridor (ECEC) with Chennai-Vizag Industrial Corridor as the first phase of this project: Feasibility Study commissioned by ADB.
  • Amritsar-Kolkata Industrial Corridor: DMICDC selected as Nodal Agency for doing Feasibility Study, which is being conducted at fast pace.


  • Policy in Defence sector liberalised and FDI cap raised from 26% to 49%.
  • Portfolio investment in Defence sector permitted up to 24% under the automatic route.
  • 100% FDI allowed in Defence sector for modern and state of the art technology on case to case basis.
  • 100% FDI under automatic route permitted in construction, operation and maintenance in specified Rail Infrastructure project.

On a lighter note, the site is beautifully done ! A refreshing change from running tickers. We curated some of the inspiring lion for you!!

India Reaches Mars. History Created.

India has created history with the successful launch of Mangalyaan. The MOM (Mars Orbiter Moon) . Here is what you need to know and be super proud of “MADE IN INDIA”.

– NASA which sent off its own mission to Mars, called Maven was made at a cost of INR 4500 crores. MOM’s cost is only 450 crores. No MVP, but all lean methodology!

– India is the fourth country in the world to reach Mars.

– India is the first country to reach Mars in one shot.

– Follow MarsOrbiter journey on Twitter.

– The core idea behind Mangalyaan mission is to demonstrate India’s technical capabilties. Did you know that MOM  satellite’s development was fast-tracked and completed in a record 15 months.


India's Mars Rocket Mangalyaan Blasts Off
India’s Mars Rocket Mangalyaan Blasts Off


From Earlier Coverage.

The MOM spaceship had passed many severe tests on ground before being launched by the PSLV-C25 into outer space from Sriharikota on November 5th last year.

The MOM is designed to exhibit India’s engineering space technology for an interplanetary mission. If completed successfully in the next 48 hours, this would be India’s first interplanetary mission and ISRO would be the 4th Space Agency to reach Mars after Soviet space program, NASA, and the European Space Agency.

The total expenditure made on the project sums up to 4.54 billion INR (US$74 million). The MOM’s on-orbit mission life is 6-8 months. Although the primary objective of MOM is exhibition of space technology, during its course MOM will also study about Mars’ surface features, morphology, mineralogy and Martian atmosphere. All this would be crucial to ISRO considering that it would all be done with indigenous instruments.


ISRO was well prepared for possible chances of mishap and hence had devised a ‘Plan B’ which was to fire the eight thrusters originally meant for altitude control and orientation. This would have put the Orbiter into the Martian orbit, but ISRO had mentioned that they were unaware of how close that would be to the red planet.

The parallel fuel and oxidiser circuits, installed for the first time by ISRO, so that supply of fuel and other agents to the engine and the thrusters is not affected due to leakages, corrosion or swelling of parts due to long exposure, could be what had kept the spaceship alive after long durations of idling.

This sure is a major step for Indian Space Research, considering the cost effectiveness of the project and the enormous opportunities such projects can open for  ISRO. MOM, informally called Mangalyaan, had created quite a buzz for being the cheapest Mars mission by any nation. Also, the project was developed and completed in a record span of 15 months with cutting edge engineering techniques. ISRO also plans a follow up mission in the 2017-2020 time periods with a greater scientific payload.

Well, here is something we all should be proud of!


[Details of the MOM has been sourced from Wikipedia. Images from ISRO]

Leadership Team at Capillary

Decoding Capillary Technology’s Culture Code: “There is no time like the present for retail technology and Capillary is revolutionizing it.”

Capillary Technologies, a cloud-based retail customer engagement management startup, was founded in 2008 by Aneesh Reddy, Krishna Mehra and Ajay Modani. Capillary’s cloud-based platform powers data-driven customer engagement, clienteling, loyalty and social CRM solutions. More than 140 brands world over work with Capillary and deliver instant gratification for more than 100 million consumers across 10,000+ stores.

Leadership Team at Capillary Technology

Today’s retailers have a mountain of data to analyze from PoS devices, social sites, mobile and e-Commerce platforms and predict trends to that monetize into higher sales and brand relevance. Based in Bangalore, the mantra for Capillary is to stay connected with retailers and trends in the industry. This helps the tech teams understand requirements and introduce innovative products with a shorter product development cycle.

With customers across the globe and differing needs, Capillary has a highly configurable platform that can be setup easily and quickly. To process this data Capillary uses a wide variety of technologies from transactional services oriented architecture with low latency and sub-second performance, to near real-time marketing data analytics and cross-platform SDKs. The technology stack is predominantly built using Java, PHP and JavaScript while the store PoS application is built using C#. Hadoop and Hive clusters help with data mining efforts.

Age is just a number

“Your colleagues in the workplace and the technology one works on can be a huge motivator for people to work for a company.”

The technology team is a relatively young one with an average age of just 27 years. With a good mix of experienced engineers and senior leaders the team at Capillary work on cutting edge technologies and solve complex problems for more than 140 customers.

Abhilash L LI would describe Capillary Technologies as an awesome place to work. New challenges and a great team are its key highlights. Being a mid-sized company and the industry we are in, things are always changing, and that’s the one thing I like the most about my job – I get to work on new, exciting and challenging tasks. This has helped me grow immensely as a professional. Capillary is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge and let their talents prosper in a positive working environment. – Abhilash L L

Well defined focused teams

Capillary has an equal mix of Technology, Services, Consulting and Support along with functions such as Sales, Marketing, People Practice, Finance and Administration.

While the technology team is responsible for creating all the IP in the company as well as owning the platform and products, the Services team configures the platform and converts products (and platforms) into solutions for customers. The Technology group encompasses a variety of functions in its fold such as Quality Engineering, Service Engineering, technical writing and is broadly split across four cross-functional groups – Platform, Analytics, Applications and Omni-channel. Each group incorporates developers, quality engineering (QE), project management (PM) and user interface designing (UxD).

Teams at Capillary have very focused goals

These groups work very closely together – visioning product innovation and executing initiatives. The consulting team helps customers realize ROI on their customer engagements and analytics. Both Technology and Services work closely with field sales as well as customers and are together critical for Capillary’s success.

Micro-innovations help create the big picture

Each functional group has the freedom to ideate and innovate and larger ideas that require investment are often laid out further to test for feasibility. For e.g. recently, the engineering team came up with a central dashboard of metrics all on their own time that helps track system performance. Also, the idea for Capillary’s eCommerce Marketer product was initially created through an engineering hack then iteratively prototyped into its current incarnation.

Anjali KumariCapillary has a great work culture and it provides individuals with ample opportunities to succeed. With a relatively flat organizational structure, Capillary encourages innovative thinking and gives everyone a sound hearing, regardless of the seniority of the individual. The mentorship at the organization is simply superb, enabling channelization of raw energy and execution of good ideas brought in by young employees. Personally it has been very satisfying to get an opportunity to discuss ideas with the senior management and be enabled to execute them — Anjali Kumari

Emphasis on R&D

In the past year; Capillary has filed several patents and employees have presented papers in prestigious conferences such as IEEE and at University Outreach programs. As a company, Capillary encourages IP ideation and invests in filing patents across multiple countries.

Team members have an open environment at Capillary
Team members have an open environment at Capillary

Empowerment, collaboration and communication are the highlights of the team here at Capillary. Capillary encourages rotation of engineers across teams, especially those who have been in the same role for a year. The firm actively presents its employees with opportunities to expand their knowledge, and grow as a professional.

——————————————————————————————————————————————pravanjan Choudhury
Each year, I am exposed to new roles in which I learn new technologies, contribute to a diverse range of projects and accept new, exciting challenges. Each day, I look forward to the camaraderie and sessions where teams share their best practices and concentrate on expanding our combined knowledge base. The open door culture and the sort of people that you get to work with, makes you feel like coming to work every day. – Pravanjan Choudhury

We take our employees seriously

Capillary ensures that every employee’s ideas are appreciated. The co-founders and the senior management are extremely supportive of brave new ideas. Capillary introduced several initiatives such as Tech Talk Thursdays (TTT) a forum to share information and the Architecture Forum that introduces the concept of flash talks where any individual can informally present topics, code or design. Capillary is also launching a tech blog to supplement its existing customer focused blog, and this would help engineers and product managers directly contribute more technical articles in the public domain. The biweekly Sales Power Hours helps the field teams understand the products better. Capillary also holds a weekly technology meeting to review all the initiatives and resolve any issues.

Employees Recognitions and Rewards

Capillary has built a platform to recognize the performance of its employees, including programs such as “peer-to-peer” recognition, wherein an employee can recognize another employee based on a performance parameter. There is also an annual excellence award which is the annual award recognizing employees for their thought leadership, innovation, people excellence and financial savings.

Capillary Technology employees receiving the Annual Excellence Award

We love people who are passionate

A Capillary employee in technical roles should demonstrate passion towards programming, high energy, good problem-solving skills and an analytical bent of mind. Furthermore, they should be inquisitive self-starters with an interest in exploring new areas. The bar in hiring is always high, and the company looks for talent that complements the existing team and the need at hand. Non-technical soft skills are also crucial, and help enrich the work culture to make it what it is today.

The rigorous on-boarding process starts with a two-day induction program, followed by a two-week long training program across various technology stacks. A “buddy” is assigned to new hires who helps them on-board into one of the groups and become productive from their first project. Everybody including senior engineers and managers goes through the same induction program and are assigned a peer as a buddy. However, they are often asked to come back with an independent 1-month on-boarding plan based on their assessment of the team and area.

Suganya SivaI’ve been at Capillary for more than three years now, and I would describe it as work mixed with a lot of fun and laughter. Ours is a close knit team which is not only helpful, and talented, but also very fun loving. The company is on a fast track journey into its future. We see some very exciting times, catering to new customers along with old successful ones using different technologies. I think it is amazing to be a part of a company that is adapting and evolving into a leader. – Suganya Siva

True business value rarely goes unnoticed and is bound to attract the attention of large global retail brands — and venture capital firms. In 2009, Capillary won Qualcomm Ventures’ QPrize and $500,000 in funding and its first customer, a leading retail group within India. In 2011, Capillary won its first international customer and in 2012, Capillary raised $15.5 Million in Series A Funding from Sequoia Capital and Norwest Venture Partners followed by the recent Series B funding of $14 Million. The new funding helps Capillary further strengthen its product portfolio, build and grow its partnership ecosystem and expand its presence across multiple geographies.

Here are some pics from the various events that Capillary conducts for its employees:

If all this excites you and makes you want to join the team, then take a look at some of the open positions for Capillary’s Bangalore office:

  1. Senior/Lead Developer – Big Data
  2. Senior Software Engineer – Java
  3. Tech Lead/Principal Engineer – Backend
  4. Technical Lead – C#
  5. Senior Engineering Manager
track class

8 Recommended Technology Tools That Enhance Student Learning

Technology advancement made everything more convenient and accessible in promoting human learning. Integrating technology in the classroom greatly advance the proficiency of students and teaching skills of educators. Many academic institutions today recognized technology as an instrument for instruction. Because of its benefits, almost all educators are exploring innovative ways to utilize the web into their school lessons.

The speedy and extensive application of educational technology made a major overhaul on how knowledge is contemplated and taught in the classroom. Students became more excited to learn and more focus about their studies because of such web tools. There are variety of educational tools and apps that students can use in their academic subjects.

Here are some of the recommended technology tools that can help improve students learning:


Real time Board is a good platform for collaborative and virtual brainstorming sessions. It enables users to share and discuss ideas on projects together in real-time. This tool also offers a free education version wherein schools can use all its features for free. Students and teachers can create endless boards and can work with immense collaborators in various projects. If you want to work with visual content, this site has an infinite canvas and tools that will highlight the details of your work.

To improve your research productivity, Diigo has a browser add-on where you can easily highlight and add sticky notesdiigoLOGO_transparent to important online sources that you found for your study. Even if you are offline or you’re using your mobile phone, you can get access to the information once you archive them. This is also useful when conducting collaborative research. It allows you to share your findings, clippings, and notes with other users. Diigo makes web browsing easier and it promotes a new process of online knowledge management to students and teachers.

Students don’t need to create an account in order to use this tool. Padlet is a free application. You can use it in any device including smart phones and tablets. Users can create an online bulletin board on this tool and add videos, text, images and documents from desktop to their virtual wall.
bestessaysThis website can give you beneficial information on how to write different types of essay. Their expert editors and writers will guide you in composing well-constructed essay papers. This site assures you that you only get high quality of service when it comes to writing academic papers.

spellcheckonlineSpelling error is one of the most common mistakes of students. Before your paper submission, use this proofreading tool to check the typographical errors on your assignment. This online grammar check assists you in improving your grammatical and spelling proficiency.

Spreeder is an online program for students who are looking for the best tool to learn on how to read a little faster. This free online software will help you improve your reading speed and comprehension. It trains your brain to speed read in a pace appropriate for you. Apart from that, spreeder makes speed reading online text content easier for you.

Road to Grammar
road to grammarRoad to grammar offers interactive quizzes and amazing lessons for students. This tool will help you nourish your grammar skills because you can choose around 365 quizzes on the site. Each test provides quick feedback on the users’ answers. Moreover, it also gives teachers some downloadable resources like English lessons, warm-up activities, and some grammar worksheets.

track classFor a study management tool, trackclass is wonderful free resource for students. It allows users to organize their class schedule and assignments effectively. This program will update users constantly about the things happening on their classes. It will send an email or SMS to inform and remind you on your upcoming project deadline or homework. From reminders to note-taking of assignments and grades, you will stay updated on the progress of your studies with the help of trackclass.

There are variety of tool options to choose from that you can find on web and other devices. Technology already made learning easier for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Try these educational tools now to get higher grades in all your academic subjects.

[About the Author: Amber Stanley is a contributor at She shares her perspectives on creative writing, blogging, and career on her published works. Connect with her on google+ and twitter/]

Weekly Roundup: Flipkart Launches Fulfillment Service, Android One Introduced In India, BigData Firm Acquisitions and more

It’s been a very happening week with a lot of buzz in the industry. Here is a look at what happened over the week:


Investments and acquisitions:

Pearson Makes Seed Investment In Education Startup, Experifun

Nielsen Acquires Indicus Analytics, Economic Research Firm

Firstsource Buys Minority Stake In Nanobi, Bangalore Based Big Data Startup

Customer Support App, Haptik Secures $1M From Kalaari Capital

Quikr secures $60 million investment from Tiger Global Management

Event Discovery App Nearify Secures Seed Funding

TargetingMantra Secures $1.1M For Personalizing Ecommerce

Hyd Based Ybrant To Rebrand to Lycos, The Famous Internet Property It Acquired For $36mn

Editor’s pick:

How Bootstrapping Founders Can Solve Their Hiring Challenge? Being Transparent Helps

Internet Advertising Will Overtake TV In India By 2018

Ecommerce Is Here To Stay – Offline Retailers Need To Fit-in

What Values Will You Look For In Your Next Hire ?

And In Between These Funding News, A Note To Bootstrappers

New launches:

Notion Ink Launches Cain, Ultra-book That Transforms Into a Tablet

Flipkart Launches Fulfillment Service – Flipkart Advantage

IBM India Launches B2B Startup Competition, SmartCamp

Union Minister Launches Android Application For Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises (MSME) Sector

Paytm launches Pay Through Wallet – Goes live on Homeshop18, MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow and Naaptol

Google Launches Newsstand in India. Will Indians Buy (Anything) On Android?

Google Plans To Bring Offline YouTube Access In India

Google Launches Android One Smartphones In India; Starting Price 6399

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Meet YELO BAG. A Bag That Converts Into School Desk [Rural Innovation]

Delhi Traders’ Association Asks 25K Sellers To Stop Selling on Ecommerce Cos Selling Below Purchase Price

Karnataka Government Bans Amazon From Selling Any Product From Bangalore Warehouse

Android One : Different Manufacturers, Similar Phones

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Meet YELO BAG. A Bag That Converts Into School Desk [Rural Innovation]

Transportation to schools in rural areas is in sad plight when a huge number of children have to walk miles to attend schools. Also in many villages children turn out to be the only earning member and this hampers their education. Lack of infrastructure leads to badly maintained schools with no proper toilets, no drinking water facilities and no electricity too.

With a view to change the scenario in rural areas, Prayas Innovation, an international social enterprise, is launching ‘YELO’, a revolutionary bag that converts into a school desk. This bag would empower students studying in the rural areas of third world countries to study more efficiently.

Yelo Bags
Yelo Bags

Innovators at Prayas say that children sitting on the floor in incorrect posture for long working hours results in back pain, bad eyesight and inability to concentrate and study. YELO, an intelligently designed school bag, helps children carry their books, belongings, irrespective of the weather conditions. The same bag with a single fold technique smartly transforms into a school desk.

The desk offers an angle of 30-35 degrees for students to write and read, thus ensuring they maintain an ergonomic posture while studying.

Yelp Bags : A Bag of Change
Yelp Bags : A Bag of Change

YELO, an intelligently designed school bag, helps children carry their books, belongings, irrespective of the weather conditions. The same yelo3bag with a single fold technique smartly transforms into a school desk. The desk offers an angle of 30-35 degrees for students to write and read, thus ensuring they maintain an ergonomic posture while studying.

Considering the lack of electricity in rural areas and the heavy power cuts making it difficult for children to study at night. YELO comes with an LED light source, to deliver light for more than 6-8 hours, thus empowering students and rural households to carry out their evening chores.

The bag also features  a handy solar kit that powers the LED light. The rechargeable battery in solar kit can be charged through solar energy as well as supports AC charging. YELO is made up of corrugated sheet and is durable and has strength to carry belongings worth more than 5 kg.

A well thought through concept? Hell, yeah!

Union Minister Launches Android Application For Micro, Small And Medium Enterprises (MSME) Sector

Union Minister Kalraj Mishra, inaugurating the 2nd Innovation Summit-2014 under aegis of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, launched an android application especially prepared for Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector by PHD Chamber of Commerce. This Android App is called the PHD-MSME App.


The App provides solutions to budding entrepreneurs and existing MSME entrepreneurs of different dimensions like marketing, finance, training and capacity building, different government schemes and opportunities.

Mr. Mishra said that micro, small and medium enterprises across the country needed capital at relaxed rates of interest to run their enterprises and that the MSME is lobbying with the public sector banking enterprises to extend loan facilities. He also guaranteed that theMinistry has been working hard to make sure the new government succeeds in setting up of Credit Guarantee Trust Funds to extend liberal packages to MSME as a whole. The government proposes to roll out the new policy in the next 30 days.

As per stipulation of the new policy, the general procedures as well as procurement procedures would be vastly simplified and all clearances for setting up of micro and small businesses would be accorded online within a fixed period of 15 days, assured the Minister.

The app has been developed with the help of students of Delhi University.


Paytm launches Pay Through Wallet – Goes live on Homeshop18, MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow and Naaptol

Mobile commerce platform Paytm has integrated the Paytm Wallet with online merchant sites like Homeshop18, MakeMyTrip, BookMyShow and Naaptol among several others. The integration facilitates online transactions for Paytm users .


Customers can store money on the RBI-approved Paytm Wallet on Paytm and use this credit for transactions on Paytm. The wallet integration with other merchant sites enable shopping and payments directly on other portals as well.

Buyers can use their Paytm Wallet at any one of the leading partner websites. Using the Paytm Wallet eliminates the need to repeatedly enter one’s sensitive financial details. By adding money to their Paytm Wallets as a onetime exercise, users can pay at any of the top online destinations.

Wallet already has over 12 million users across the country with 5 million saved cards since its launch earlier this year.

Value proposition

What Values Will You Look For In Your Next Hire ?

Do you hire for skills only? How will you evalue value-system of a potential hire? First, how do you even define those value systems?ethics.jpg

Hard working? Ethical? Team player?

Well, Chamath Palihapitiya, who earlier was part of Facebook’s senior executive team and now runs The Social+Capital Partnership fund has a few gems to share.

Whatever you believe, believe it to the extreme. It makes the hard times go by easier and keeps the good times in perspective.

- Very high IQ
– Strong sense of purpose
– Relentless focus on success
– Aggressive and competitive
– High quality bar bordering on perfectionism
– Likes changing and disrupting things
– New ideas on how to do things better
– High integrity
– Surrounds themselves with good people
– Cares about building real value (over perception)

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While Apple Is Launching iWatch, India’s HMT Is Shutting Down

There was a time when HMT watches used to be a status symbol in India. Fathers used to hand over their watches to their sons and it was always kept in the family as a tradition. Well, times have changed. With changing trends and people adopting technology at a great pace, and with International brands gaining wide number of buyers in the country, HMT has faded in value in recent times.

Like the saying goes, HMT is now just another analogue watch in a digital era. In an age when technology has come down enabling people to wear high performance tech on their wrists, fathers now buy smart watches and Apple Watches for their kids and the glitter of the gold and silver crowns don’t aneharunewppeal any more.

In the year 1961 HMT set up its first watch manufacturing Unit at Bangalore in collaboration with M/s Citizen Watch Co., Japan. The first batch of Hand Wound Wrist Watches manufactured at this factory was released by the then Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru.

The company has seen great times running its course. In 1972 HMT addeda set-up next to its factory in Bangalore to produce additional watches. In 1975 it expanded further to add mainspring, hairspring and shock absorber components to its production range.

Additional facilities were later set up in 1978 and 1985 to produce more watch components. The Watch factory at Tumkur was partially converted to manufacture Quartz Analog Watches in collaboration with M/S Citizen Watch Co, Japan. To cater to the Niche market, a specialized watch case manufacturing facility was set up at Bangalore in 1983.

HMT! : End of An Era
HMT! : End of An Era

Since 1985, HMT Watches have created a wide variety of Floral Clocks, Solar Clocks, International Clocks and Tower Clocks. Everyone who has visited Lal Baugh must have seen the garden clock there; again something that holds HMT dear to Bangaloreans.

In the year 2000, HMT Watch Business group was restructured as HMT Watches Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of HMT Limited.

In a sad state of events, government has decided to wind up the company which has been incurring losses since 2000 and has been unable to generate adequate resources to pay salaries to its employees. As on March 31, 2013, the company had 1,105 employees.

The company’s net loss rose to Rs 242.47 crore in 2012-13 from Rs 224.04 crore in 2011-12. At the end of March 2012, it also had government loan, including budgetary support for salary and statutory dues, amounting to Rs 694.52 crore. (As reported on

So long so good.

India will surely miss you, HMT [The Time Keepers Of The Nation] !

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