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This Diwali, Clean Your City [Yes, There Is An App For That]

The NextBigWhat team wishes you happy diwali.

And now that Diwali is over, it’s time for all of us to clean the city – the swachh bharat abhiyaan. And yeah, there are apps for that.

I Clean India [link]

I Clean India allows citizens to post photos of unclean spots in their locality & organize a cleanliness drive to fix the spot by inviting their friends and neighbors. I Clean India allows citizens to participate in cleanliness drives in their locality & post photos of the change that they were able to create to inspire others to join the movement.

Iclean India  : Participate in Cleanliness Drive
I Clean India : Participate in Cleanliness Drive

2. Swachh [link]

Geo-location meets the cleanliness intent.

Swachh app lets you click pictures of the area that needs to be cleaned. The app is completely geo location based. Whenever you move to a new place, you can see all the posted dirty places around that area. Once you are interested towards cleaning up the dirty place, you can voluntarily add yourself and also you can communicate with other volunteers within the app. That makes the job easier when most of the volunteers are your friends from Facebook. The team will also help in organizing the Swachh initiative with the help of NGOs and also if possible with the help from Government.

Swachh App : Clean Your Locality
Swachh App : Clean Your Locality

If you are really interested in cleaning up your locality, go ahead and try out this app – both of them have created a nice way to build a community around the cleanliness intent.

Xiaomi Clarifies Security Concern : Indian User Data Will Be Moved Out Of China Servers

There have been several concerns raised over Xiaomi user data – the latest being of IAF sugesting its teams and families to refrain from using Xiaomi devices, due to security reasons.xiaomi-mi3-india

Xiaomi Global VP, Hugo Barra has shared the following update with us. We hope this puts an end to the security concerns.

1. Xiaomi does not collect any information without user permission

We offer various Internet based services such as Mi Cloud and Cloud Messaging which require data to be stored in the cloud. We take rigorous precautions to ensure that all data is secured when uploaded to Xiaomi servers and is not stored beyond the time required. Users will always be notified beforehand in situations when we require your personal information, and will have to approve the request.

Mi Cloud and Cloud Messaging are opt-in services which users can turn on and off at any time, giving users complete control.  Please see attached screenshots as examples.

2. The concerns raised by F-Secure have been fully addressed

We believe the advisory circular issued by IAF is based on events about 2 months back.  It refers to the F-Secure test done on the Redmi 1S in July 2014 about the activation of our Cloud Messaging service (which enables users to send text messages for free). We immediately addressed the concerns raised, which was directly acknowledged by F-Secure 4 days later.

Please refer to this post by F-Secure confirming their concerns were addressed:

To understand this episode in more detail, you can read the following post:

3. We are currently moving our Indian users’ data to servers outside of China

Since early 2014, we have been migrating our services and corresponding data for Indian users from our Beijing data centers to Amazon AWS data centers in Singapore and USA.  This migration will be fully completed by the end of the year.

This helps improve the performance of our services and also provide some peace of mind for users in India in ensuring that we treat their data with the utmost care and will always maintain the highest privacy standards.

Here’s a post I wrote last night about this:

In 2015, we are planning to take on a new challenge to further improve the performance of our services for users in large and fast-growing markets such as India and Brazil.

In these markets, where Amazon AWS services aren’t yet available, we will be working with local data center providers to set up our service infrastructure.  Once that has been completed, users in these markets will be much closer to their data and enjoy even faster speeds by connecting to local servers.

Funterior – An Augmented Reality App for Online Home Décor Purchase

mebelkartOnline home décor shopping website has launched their augmented reality app Funterior to help buyers get an idea of how their selected furniture would suit their home spaces.

The app provides buyers an option to choose a home decor product of their choice from the Funterior catalogue, adjust it in their rooms through their mobile devices, get a look and feel of how it’s going to look in their living rooms and make an informed choice.


The app also has features to click pictures and share them through popular social media websites.

Funterior is intended at providing assistance to users who are unsure about how the product would actually look after the purchase and also at reducing returns for online portals.

Here is a video on how the app works:

The initiatives taken by home décor eCommerce companies have been varied. Pepperfry, another online home décor portal has launched a DIY design feature that allows customers to design furniture online. They had also come up with the one day carpenter service. Online furniture portal Urban Ladder was also in the news for tying up with Daakiya to support Women Empowerment in eCommerce.

3D PanoX App By Uses Smartphones To Enable Virtual Property Tour recently launched the 3D PanoX app adding a new dimension to home search process. The app integrates print and the digital medium allowing builders to add new features to their regular print collateral’s like advertisements, brochures etc. Using their smartphone’s camera home buyers can now view a 3D virtual experience of the property.

Panoramic View


All a user has to do is scan the logo of the project or the image on the brochure / advertisement using their smartphone camera and the 3D PanoX app will give them 3D visualization of the whole project along with Panoramic shot, floor plans and other project details. Buyers can visualize and experience the designed spaces in the project using the application, at a time and a place convenient to the home buyer.

IndiaProperty had, earlier in July, added launched the 3D property tour on their website. Rival online portal too had added this feature for new housing projects on their website in February.

Now Book Mumbai’s Iconic Yellow-Black Taxis With OlaCabs Mobile App

Taxi service provider has announced the launch of kaali-peeli (Mumbai’s iconic local taxi) booking option on the Ola mobile app. Ola has over 2000 kaali-peeli taxis registered with the service.olacabs_logo_thumb.png

Customers in South Mumbai can now book the local taxi using the app and registered cabs will accept bookings and navigate to the customer’s doorstep using the smartphones that they are equipped with.

Ola will initially launch the Kaali-Peeli booking option only across South Bombay. Over the next 12 months, this option shall be made available across the whole city of Mumbai. The company aims to bring over 20,000 Kaali-Peelis on their mobile platform by the end of this year. The Kaali-Peelis will be available to commuters at the meter rates itself. Customers can use the app only as a booking interface and need to settle the fare as usual with the taxi driver.

Using the app, a customer will be able to see all the Kaali-Peelis near them. Customer can choose between a Kaali-Peeli and a Cool Cab on the app. The app also makes it possible to share ride details with friends and family and to track the commuter’s cab location in real time. These features are aimed at making travel within the city in the iconic cabs more predictable, hassle free and safe.

The OlaCabs app can be downloaded on Windows, iOS and the Android platform.


Home Service Provider Timesaverz Raises Seed Round Funding

Mumbai based home services provider Timesaverz have raised seed round funding from Neville Taraporewalla and GSF Accelerator founder Rajesh Sawhney. The other investors include Dinesh Agarwal, founder of Indiamart, and Nish Bhutani, COO of Saffronart and Ashish Jalani.


Timesaverz was founded by Debadutta Upadhyaya and Lovnish Bhatia last year. They now offer home cleaning, plumbing, AC services, house errands and more.

Timesaverz conducts background checks and skill set analysis on people who apply to do jobs on their website. After building a strong foothold in Mumbai, now Timesaverz are using the funds to expand into other metro cities.

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These Hacks Will Help You Get An Assured Paid Internship At Any Startup

Internship Hacks_NextBigWhat

Before you get ready to bag your first paid internship and share with us your success story, you need to be ready with the following things:

Creating a sooper-dooper Resume

Drafting a great resume does not necessarily mean you should follow the rules you hear from the experts. It does not have to be one page or follow a specific resume format. Every resume has its unique trait of communication. It should be appropriate to your situation and do exactly what you want it to do.

Some awesome tools to create your resume:

Drafting a Cover Letter

This is the only one page document, you will need to add (along with your resume) before applying to any internship or a job. Primarily, it is a letter which introduces you, explains your purpose for writing, highlights a few of your experiences or skills, and requests an opportunity to meet personally with the potential employer.

Precisely because this letter is your introduction to an employer and because first impressions matter, you should take great care to create your cover letter.

Note: A cover letter not only tells of your accomplishments & ambitions but also reveals how effectively you can communicate.

Awesome tools to create your first cover letter:

Reverse Engineering Strategy

Now, think of an imaginary scenario. You apply for an internship that seems absolutely perfect for you. You send your resume with a cover letter to the prospective employer. Plenty of other students think the internship sounds great too and apply for the same. A few days later, the employer is staring at a pile of several hundred resumes. Several hundred?, you ask. Isn’t that an inflated number? Not really. Any great internship offer often attracts between 100 and 300 resumes these days, so you are facing a great deal of competition.


Now that you know this, your internship possibilities are simply endless (irrespective of competition). So, here’s a step-by-step process to land your paid internship.

Step 1: Ask yourself “What can I give that will add value to the startup?”

This ain’t a simple question. In fact, it is the most important step, even before you think of getting ‘paid’ for any job. Spend your time asking this question repetitively to yourself on what are the key skills you have built over the years and then inter-link them with the deliverables.

Few examples:

  1. Shruti is good at Photoshop. She would help (Startup_Name) by re-designing their current email newsletters and increasing the conversion by X %
  2. Simran is good at communication. She would help (Startup_Name) by handling their telephonic customer support and making (X) number of customers more happy.
  3. Raj loves writing short stories. He would help (Startup_Name) by posting interesting articles on their blog and increase the visitor engagement by X %
  4. Rohan loves spending time of Facebook and Twitter. He would help (Startup_Name) by creating interesting social media posts, and help them increase their social media engagement.

Step 2: Jot down a list of all the startups that are in your area of interest (Discovery Stage)

This is the stage where you have to think yourself as an explorer. Get your pen and paper ready, before you start your exploration. Think of the preferable locations where you would love to work. Once you’re ready with that, start searching for startups in that location/city. Along with your search process, you need to note down the sector of the startup (which area they position themselves), the products/services they provide, their website address, the contact numbers, and if possible their competitors in the market.

Step 3: Knowing the decision makers (BlueWhale Networking Stage)

The reason I call this process as ‘BlueWhale networking’ is because one has to do it so swiftly with an art that there should be no fuss, here and there; just like a whale catches it’s prey. Coming down to this level, the decision makers of most of the startups these days are the founders. So, how to know the people behind a startup?

LinkedIn comes to your rescue :)

If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, create your profile in few minutes and start adding as many details to it as possible. You can start connecting to these decision makers very easily by searching for people from that company.

For example: I really love this startup called FreshDesk from Chennai, and I want to know the people who work over there.


However, the person I am more interested in is the decision maker. So let me refine my search:


Note: Take your time to research these startups. You’d be wasting time and energy if you just apply or send random messages for any openings you find, even though you might feel like you’re accomplishing something by sending out tons of resumes.

Step 4: Play the ball (Connect)

After all the required information is in place, it’s now time to connect. This involves sending an email (only one) to the decision maker, introducing yourself and your value addition to their startup in a short and precise manner along with your ready resume and cover letter.

For example: My name is Niranjan Yadav, and I am 22. I am good at sales and marketing. This would be an example of my cover letter.


Note: Waiting to hear if your internship application has been successful can be stressful. Everyone has been through this anxiousness at one point of their life. However, don’t ‘hold’ your internship search while you wait for an answer. Since you don’t know your fate, you must give the employer space until they reach out to you. And, if you don’t hear back at all, then it’s time to move on. The best way to move on is to stay positive and start repeating the process (From STEP 1 to STEP 4).

We wish you all the very best in getting your first paid internship, and would love to hear your feedback with trying out the hacks.

[Guest article by Niranjan Yadav, founder of SwitchIdea, an internship platform.]

Understanding Xiaomi Business Model : It’s Not About the Phone.


“To sell high-quality cell phones at so low a price, Xiaomi keeps each model on the market far longer than Apple does. On average, a new version of a phone is launched every 265 days in the industry – down from 345 days in 2009. But Xiaomi doesn’t renew its product for two years. Then, rather than charge high prices to cover the high cost of state-of-the-art components, Xiaomi prices the phone just a little higher than the total cost of all its components.

As component costs drop over the two-year period by more than 90%, Xiaomi maintains its original price, and pockets the difference. So essentially its profit formula is the opposite of Apple’s, which collects its highest profits with the introduction of each model and needs to come up with new model after new model to keep those margins up.” [Via : HBR]

[Curated By NextBigWhat]

Lukup TV – The New On-Demand TV Experience

Lukup Media today announced the launch of it’s first on-demand TV service powered by a connected device- the Lukup Player. The service aims to transform conventional TV viewing for Indian audiences.

The Lukup TV service aims to deliver a large number of TV channels in addition to those available on cable and DTH platforms. These additional TV channels will have content from multiple genres including movies, shows, lifestyle and sports. Using the Lukup Player, users will also be able to stream content on more than one screen or device – TV screens, tablets, mobile phones, wireless speakers.


The service includes unlimited recording capacity starting from 500 GB which can be upgraded without limit. Users can also download content on their mobile devices which they can access offline. With no minimum monthly subscription charges, users can pay per view.

The Lukup TV service is available in Bangalore now and will be available across India in phases. The Lukup Player will be online and in retail stores from October, 2014.

Here is a video of Lukup Player:

ShieldSquare Secures $350K Funding from Founders of Redbus, Matrimony, Freshdesk, Fusioncharts and others

ShieldSquare has secured$350,000 in angel funding from redBus founders Phanindra Sama, Charan Padmaraju and P Sudhakar, Murugavel Janakiraman of, Girish Mathrubootham of Freshdesk, Pallav Nadhani of Fusioncharts, Samir Sood ex Google M&A Head for South Asia & Australia. The round was led by Chandu Nair, Srini Kopparapu and Sanjay Anandaram.ShieldSquare

ShieldSquare’s Cloud Service helps online businesses protect their website content from being “scraped” or stolen by automated rogue programs (bots). ShieldSquare analyses millions of traffic requests daily and uses Big Data Analytics.

How Shieldsquare Works
How Shieldsquare Works

Bangalore based ShieldSquare was founded by IIT-Bombay alumnus Pavan Thatha, his brother, Rakesh Thatha, IIT-Madras alumnus and Vasanth Kumar G, Jyoti Kakatkar and Srikanth Konijeti

Recommended Data Visualization Tools To Enhance Your Website Content

The world is exploding with data and we bring some very cool data visualization tools and libraries that you ought to know.

Free download on

Dygraphs is a fast, flexible open source JavaScript charting library that allows users to explore and interpret dense data sets. It works in all major browsers (including IE8). You can even pinch to zoom on mobile/tablet devices.


Buy it at

ZingChart is a JavaScript charting library and feature-rich API set that lets you build interactive Flash or HTML5 charts. It offer over 100 chart types to fit your data.



Venngage is an easy to use Infographics Tool and helps you make beautiful Infographic.

Purchase at

If you’re looking for a data viz tool with mapping, InstantAtlas is worth checking out. This tool enables you to create highly-interactive dynamic and profile reports that combine statistics and map data to create engaging data visualizations.


Check it out at

Timeline is a fantastic widget which renders a beautiful interactive timeline that responds to the user’s mouse, making it easy to create advanced timelines that convey a lot of information in a compressed space. Each element can be clicked to reveal more in-depth information, making this a great way to give a big-picture view while still providing full detail.


Check it out at

Developed by MIT, and fully open-source, Exhibit makes it easy to create interactive maps, and other data-based visualizations that are orientated towards teaching or static/historical based data sets, such as flags pinned to countries, or birth-places of famous people.


Modest Maps
Available free at

Modest Maps is a lightweight, simple mapping tool for web designers that makes it easy to integrate and develop interactive maps within your site, using them as a data visualization tool.

The API is easy to get to grips with, and offers a useful number of hooks for adding your own interaction code, making it a good choice for designers looking to fully customise their user’s experience to match their website or web app. The basic library can also be extended with additional plugins, adding to its core functionality and offering some very useful data integration options.


Open source library at

Another mapping tool, Leaflet makes it easy to use OpenStreetMap data and integrate fully interactive data visualisation in an HTML5/CSS3 wrapper. The core library itself is very small, but there are a wide range of plugins available that extend the functionality with specialist functionality such as animated markers, masks and heatmaps. Perfect for any project where you need to show data overlaid on a geographical projection (including unusual projections!).


Check it out at

Billed as a “computational knowledge engine”, the Google rival WolframAlpha is really good at intelligently displaying charts in response to data queries without the need for any configuration. If you’re using publically available data, this offers a simple widget builder to make it really simple to get visualizations on your site.
Find a lot many of data tools at is a combined gallery and infographic generation tool. It offers a simple toolset for building stunning data representations, as well as a platform to share your creations. This goes beyond pure data visualisation, but if you want to create something that stands on its own, it’s a fantastic resource and an info-junkie’s dream come true!


9Visualize Free
Available at

Visualize Free is a hosted tool that allows you to use publicly available datasets, or upload your own, and build interactive visualizations to illustrate the data. The visualizations go well beyond simple charts, and the service is completely free plus while development work requires Flash, output can be done through HTML5.



Download at

WordPress calls it the most intuitive, consumer friendly data visualization plugin so that you can focus on creating data driven viral posts and pages.  The plugin generates wide variety of visualizations, automatically converts publicly available data on the internet into eye catching information visuals that can be embedded into contents.



Display SQL Stats
Download at

This Plugin displays SQL result data as graphical chart on your blog (shortcodes) or your dashboard with use of Google Chart Tools.



SuperCharts by NumberPicture
Download free at

Supercharts is Plugin for creating beautiful custom charts on WordPress.



Data Visualizer
Download at

Explore, Visualize and Share your data with Data Visualizer – A simple yet powerful tool for data visualization.


And ofcourse there are libraries like d3js and others that are also available on wordpress. If you think we have missed some, please let us know in the comment section.

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Hiring Platform, TalentPad Secures Funding From Helion Ventures

TalentPad, which was earlier known as TalentAuction has raised funding from Helion Ventures. This is the first round of institutional fund raising by the company. TalentPad will utilise the funds to fuel its marketing initiatives and bolster its management team. Ritesh Banglani, Partner, Helion, will join the board of the company.talentpad

TalentPad‘s hiring process works through its flagship online event ‘Talent Fair’ where multiple employers get the opportunity to review and compete for 50 to 100 screened tier 1 talent, leading to interview offers for most of the candidates. The fair has a weeklong window and the employers have to act within this period.

The process creates an urgency of time, ensuring quick turnaround from employers to rollout interview offers, minimal waiting period for candidates and maximum transparency on all sides.  Key metrics like – ‘time to get hired’ for the candidate, and ‘time to hire’ for the employer are impacted by up to 5x. However, once approved candidates are mentored to present themselves well and attract the best offers from companies.

Earlier, IDG Ventures invested in MyNoticePeriod.

Exclusive : Yahoo Is Laying Off Everybody In India. Everybody.

Yahoo SDC (Software Development Center) is laying off everybody in India . The last day is November 7th and out of 2250+* people in Yahoo SDC Bangalore, only 250 remain (some of them have been given an option to go to Sunnyvale office).

*Update : There are several reports that claims that Yahoo is laying off ~600 employees (mostly engineering). 

The ones who have survived the layoff are mostly from engineering operations team (Yahoo India teams, which looks at web properties are untouched).yahoo

From what we know, this is not a cost cutting exercise, but the company is planning to consolidate its development centers.

Yahoo is giving a severance package of 5 months (in extreme cases, 10 months) and the d-day for employees is November 7th (We hope Yahoo engineers use this as seed funding and startup!).

This comes as a surprise though, given that Yahoo recently acquired Indian startup, Bookpad and in some ways, sent a strong signal of focusing on Indian market for talent.

“As we ensure that Yahoo is on a path of sustainable growth, we’re looking at ways to achieve greater efficiency, collaboration and innovation across our business. To this effect, we’re making some changes to the way we operate in Bangalore leading to consolidation of certain teams into fewer offices. Yahoo will continue to have a presence in India and Bangalore remains an important office.” [Official statement from Yahoo India]

» Tip : For startups looking to hire talent, go ahead and add your job opening details here and attract some of the best engineering talent that Yahoo has.

And Murphy Visits ECommerce Stores : “Anything that can possibly go out of stock, does.”

Mr. Murphy visits Indian ecommerce store on #BigBillionDay and shares a few gems.

Flipkart 404
Flipkart 404

Original : Anything that can possibly go wrong, does

E-Murphy : Anything that can possibly go out of stock, does. [Tweet it]

Original : “Nature always sides with the hidden flaw”

E-Murphy : Stores always sides with the hidden deal (that never was). [Tweet]

Original If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.

E-Murphy: If everything seems to be going well (with online purchase), you have obviously overlooked the T&C. [Tweet]

Original : If it doesn’t fit, use a bigger hammer.

E-Murphy: If it doesn’t show (buy button), use a bigger laptop. #WTF_FEELING [Tweet]

Original : If nothing can go wrong, something will.

E-Murphy: If nothing can go wrong, Flipkart servers will. [Tweet]

Original : Mother Nature is a bitch.

E-Murphy: 404 is a bitch. [Tweet]

BONUS : Flipkart to offer 10% discount on 404 Page. They are now calling it 363 Page [Tweet]

Free WordPress Plugins to Build Mobile Friendly Blog [WordPress Weekend]

If your blog has a decent traffic, you ought to have the mobile version of your site (especially for blogs focused on technology).

Here is the grand list of WordPress Plugins that will help you easily get a mobile site for your blog:

MobilePress is a WordPress plugin that will render your WordPress blog on mobile handsets, with the ability to use customized themes.

wordpress tips
wordpress tips

MobilePress is SEO enabled and detects Google, Yahoo and MSN mobile search bots. These mobile search engine bots will see the mobile version of your blog and get your mobile site indexed in the mobile search results.

The plugin also allows WordPress theme developers to create custom mobile themes for MobilePress enabled blogs.

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress

Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to mobilize your blog in minutes. Every single mobile device is detected and all aspects of your blog are tailored to the visiting handset. Sites aren’t dumbed down to the lowest common denominator but instead use the features and functionality that advanced phones offer.

Mobify WordPress Plugin
This plugin detects mobile devices and sends them to the Mobify URL of your blog. You must register for a free Mobify account at in order to create and manage the mobile version.

MoFuse WordPress Plugin
This plugin allows you to automatically detect and redirect your mobile visitors to the mobile-friendly version of your blog. You will need a MoFuse account in order to use this plugin. You need to create a MoFuse mobile site and the plugin will redirect the mobile traffic to your MoFuse domain.

Mobilize by Mippin WordPress plugin
Once installed any cell phone accessing your URL will be redirected to the Mippin rendering of your blog. The plugin scales down photographs/coverts videos to 3gp format (on the fly) and is also integrated with AdMob.

IamMobiled Mobile
Key features include 1) Mobile Theme “Blue Heart” included 2) Automatic mobile detection 3) Images are optimized for mobile view 4) Make money through integrated ad system. 5) Optimized for touch screen phones 6) Mobile users can even leave comments 7) Mobile users can search for contents.

WordPress Mobile Edition
WordPress Mobile Edition automatically detects mobile browser and shows an interface designed for a mobile device. Mobile web interface is also served to Google and Yahoo mobile search crawlers. WordPress Mobile Edition provides customized interface and styling for iPhone and other “touch” browsers.


iPhone Specific

This plugin does lot more than rendering mobile site – for instance, you can activate the toolbar for your commentors to engage with the site etc. The mobile site currently works for iPhone (and not on Nokia phones).

WordPress PDA & iPhone
Wordpress PDA plugin enables the wordpress blog viewable for PDA and iPhone browsers. It is really simple plugin which detects the browser agent and loads a simple theme on fly. The plugin comes with a theme folder which acts like normal theme with all the functionality of wordpress theme.

WordPress for iPhone
Official wordpress app – this app lets you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your iPhone or iPod Touch. This plugin supports both and self-hosted WordPress and if you are iPhone user, it’d be a shame to not have this plugin!

WPtouch: WordPress on iPhone, iPod & Android
WPtouch is an entire theme package for your WordPress website. Modeled after Apple’s app store design specs, WPtouch makes your WordPress website load lightning fast on touch mobile devices, show your content beautifully, all while not interfering with your regular theme.

Our Recommendation

If you do not have a problem redirecting your visitors to a subdomain of some other site, try out Mobify or Mippin (Wapple, at the time of writing this article was throwing errors).

But if you want a simple good-looking theme for your mobile site, we recommend Mobilepress (though it’s a little buggy sometimes, as it redirects the web traffic to the mobile site). It’s pretty simple to configure and is light-weight too.

What plugins have we missed?

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