Tech Roundup: Tele-medicine reaches Jail, IIT M develops Local language SMS technology

Roundup of Technology News: Tele-medicine reaches Sabarmati Jail, IIT M and CEWIT has developed a 7-bit encoding scheme for 22 Indian languages that will not just help people send SMSes in Tamil, Marathi or Assamese but also transliterate scripts keyed in one language into another.

Microsoft’s WebsiteSpark Launched for Indian Design Startups

Microsoft, after it’s BizSpark program has launched WebsiteSpark program in India, in order to reach out to smaller web development companies (i.e. companies with less than 10 employees). Lets talk about the most important offering, i.e. free software that you…

Free Anti Virus from Microsoft – Is MS hurting it’s ecosystem?

Microsoft has launched Free Anti Virus software,called Security Essentials.

Engage and Change – The frequency of revisits

A small feature on your site that is updated regularly can be engaging for the user. See how our visit frequency is dependent on a little change on the site.

Indians Love Statistics – What all do you count?

How to use numbers and statistics to motivate users.

Web based Project Management Software – THE Grand List

THE Grand List of Online Project Management Software – open source to the ones available for nominal fee.

Microsoft’s Windows 7 House Party – Date Goof up and a Lesson in Product Launch

Microsoft Windows 7 is one of the most awaited product launch in the coming days and while Microsoft is doing it’s best to tighten the loose ends, here is an interesting date hard coding that caught my eye. I registered…

Zoho Launches Online Forum Tool – Zoho Discussions

Create your own online forum with Zoho Discussions.

Yahoo to sell Zimbra? What about Small Business?

Yahoo plans to sell Zimbra, the open source email solution it acquired in 2007.