Today is Engineers Day..A look at difference between Engineer(s) and Software Developer(s)

‘So what platform are you on’ – Well, this ain’t a question asked at the railway station, but something that I used to get asked whenever I’d meet software developers.

Solar Energy in India – Roundup

Solar Energy in India – A quick look at opportunities, government role and the great Indian potential.

Next Fortnightly Theme – Free Softwares for Startups

We all love freebies – so here is one fortnight dedicated to..what else, but free softwares. Free, as in free, and the topic will range from free desktop softwares to free softwares on the web (collaboration/enterprise/crm/etc). Having said that, we…

Software Outsourcing hits the Cloud with 8KMiles

8KMiles is a Bangalore based startup that is offering outsourcing service over the cloud (using Amazon EC2).

shorten that url shortner

shorten that url shortner Launches – a shorter url shortener service.

Solar Energy in India – Gujarat to host World’s Largest Plant, India’s grand plans..and more

Solar Energy in India – Gujarat to host World’s Largest Solar plant. Government to provide 55% subsidy on installations for home and offices.

Opera 10 downloaded 10 million times, Launches Devices SDK for TV

Opera 10 has been downloaded 10 million times in the first week. Opera has also launched SDK, web technology-based toolkit that brings the Web and widgets to TVs.

Review of Payment Gateways in India – Best among the lot?

Review of Payment Gateways in India.

Business Model 101: Monetizing Communities and Marketplaces

Monetizing Communities and Marketplaces – A Look at possible models.

Solar energy opportunities in India – Interview with Enzen Global

Solar energy opportunities in india – Interview with Enzen, solar startup.