SaaS gets another boost – Tata to distribute HyperOffice Collab Tools

SaaS Business in India – Telecom operators drive the next wave of online collaboration suite distribution?

Zoho takes on Salesforce..Launches ‘Zwitch to Zoho’

Zoho –Salesforce story is pretty well known (SF wanted to acquire Zoho, but Zoho refused) and today, Zoho launched the ‘Zwitch to Zoho’ program to lure Salesforce customers by playing

Microsoft India Launches Online Business Services in India [Free Trial]

Microsoft has launched it’s online business suite in India (link), targeted towards Indian SMBs. MS”s online standard suite is a set of messaging and collaboration solutions

Zoho Projects Goes Social – Adds Twitter like ‘Project’ Stream

Online collaboration is a beast and readers of this site have been getting a doze of online collab tools very frequently. Today, Zoho has entered into the ‘Yammer/Twitter’ domain of live streaming (and lot more) and has launched a newer…

BSNL Microsoft Partner for Managed SaaS Offering

Saas is in-vogue and while Airtel wants to be your CIO in the cloud, other operators cannot ignore the Saas business. BSNL and Microsoft have inked a three year partnership deal

Creately – Create Diagrams (Flowchart/Mind maps etc) Online Collaboratively

There are very few options to create diagrams collaboratively and most of the current softwares are desktop based, cluttered with features and of course, heavily priced. Creately is an online tool to create diagrams like flowcharts/mind maps/Process

Zoho Integrates Mobile Apps

For Zoho, 2008 was the year of launching new products (at an unbelievable rate!) and 2009 is when they are performing the much needed cleanup and integration of

Instacoll Launches Live Presentations – “Software and Service” Model (Integrated with Twitter)

Instacoll has launched Live Presentations product that’s delivered as ‘Software and Service’ model (embraced by Microsoft for it’s Live product suite). Essentially, Live Presentations is available as a desktop software as well as

Cloud gets a sequel – Zoho launches CloudSQL

Zoho has launched CloudSQL, middleware technology that allows businesses to connect and integrate the data and applications they have in Zoho

Salesforce shows it’s Force

Salesforce has gotten inside out with, the platform that allows customers to run their Web sites using’s cloud services. Sites gives customers the power to publish their data