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Explained : How To Use ElasticSearch Alongside MongoDB

MongoDB is a popular document-oriented database from MongoDBinc. (formally 10gen). The cross-platform DB is a NoSQL database written in JavaScript, C, and C++. This is an open-source software, meaning it is available free of charge.

Google’s Internet Streaming Balloon Project Is All Set For Takeoff

Google has announced that Project Loon is almost set for takeoff, with the company answering most of the manufacturing, feasibility and partnership questions. The balloons can now stay afloat for over 100 days, can be manufactured in days instead of hours, and can launch multiple balloons a day. The company has also partnered with local LTE network providers to bring the internet to the unconnected masses.

Amazon Opens Up Its Machine Learning Service To All AWS Users

Amazon Web Services has announced the launch of Amazon Machine Learning, a tool to help developers use historical data to build and deploy predictive models. The company says the service will help developers in detecting problematic transactions, preventing customer churn, and even in improving customer support. Amazon Machine Learning is based on the same technology used by developers across Amazon to generate more than 50 billion predictions a week. The biggest benefit for users will be the ability to generate batch or real time predictions directly from Amazon Machine Learning without having to develop and manage their own infrastructure to do so.

Decoding: The Maths behind Uber [And On-Demand Businesses]

Ola was generating around 160 orders a day for some of the restaurants when it started a month ago and according to reports these orders have reduced to 15 a day now just because they are using taxis to deliver these meals – difficult from both the delivery time and cost perspective.