A Look at TImes Internet’s TLabs’ Fourth Batch Startups [9 Startups, 4 Cities]

TLabs, a startup accelerator by Times Internet Ltd, has announced its fourth batch of startups.

Noida based two year old accelerator has selected nine startups for its fall 2013 batch. Selected startups include; JiffStore, Vozeal, News in Shorts, Labforth, BetaGlide, Sponsored Giveaways, GetMeAShop, VindowShop.tlabs

Healthcare, media and retail were some of the prominent domains in which the selected startups are working. Out of the selected ones, four companies are from Delhi, three from Bangalore, one from Hyderabad and one from Kharagpur. The accelerator program which was run for three months earlier now has been extended to four months.

Abhishek Gupta, Head TLabs says, initially we used to focus on technology and product front. Now, we advise startups more on distribution and online marketing along with sales.

Including this latest batch, TLabs has 23 portfolios in total. Out of these two have successfully raised funding from institutional investors, four to five has raised money from angels and few other are in advanced talks with the investors.

A quick look at the selected startups:

Its a cloud based platform for mobile application developers and testers which enables them to test the apps in a real time environment.  Application can be tested using real devices among actual users. Read More

The mobile commerce startup helps supermarkets to sell groceries online, thus giving consumers the facility to shop on the move and helping grocery chains to leverage the power of mobile and ecommerce.

Its a platform for video advertisers and publishers. Brands can increase their reach through a network of publishers which helps in increasing page views. On the other hand publishers can monetize through an additional channel.

News in Shorts
Abbreviated as NIS, the startup aggregated and summarizes news in 60 words. Present on mobile and web it provides snippets of popular stories flowing across internet to give users a shorter version for being updated on the go.

Its a solution for laboratory management and marketing. A cloud based system provides end to end lab and personal management.

The company helps online publishers and digital content providers an additional payment method through telecom operator billing.

Sponsored Giveaways
Its a platform connecting advertisers and bloggers. Brands give non-cash prizes to users of the blogs, hence increasing user engagement on the blog and brand image.

On the lines of Zepo, the startups helps online businesses create virtual presence through ecommerce stores while supporting them on back end for marketing tools such as ERP and CRM.

Users can simply click on pictures of apparels shared online, and startups image recognition platform helps users to search and buy those clicked apparels.

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Cut Through The Clutter & Paid Bollywood Reviews With Social Review Platform Flixstreet

flixstreetArindam Mukherjee and his wife Tithee Mukhopadhyay went to watch Housefull 2 on the day of release. Almost all the critics had trashed the movie. “But our friends on Facebook and Twitter were raving about it. We went ahead and watched the movie and quite liked it,” says Mukherjee.

What was the lesson here? There are way too many reviews (paid, unpaid) out there. But social recommendations are a big and relatively correct factor when it comes to deciding which movie to watch. “We did a quick survey and confirmed our hypothesis. Started off with a blog as a proof of concept …Long story short, we started Flixstreet to solve our own problem!”

Flixstreet is a social discovery and recommendation engine for Indian movies. Their primary focus right now is on Bollywood but will be soon moving into regional films as well. They have just come out of a private beta a week back and has been seeing a good amount of traction.

The service aggregates all relevant movie content and present it to you through a clean interface. The startup seems to have given priority to user experience over SEO clutter and ads,  as seen on most movie portals.

flixstreet home

The portal offers a list of services like movie watch lists, release alert notifications, social recommendations and acces movie reviews. You can also invite other friends to watch a movie together. Once signed up you can create a My Activity page that captures all the your ratings, reviews, watchlists and friends on Flixstreet. Another feature called StreetPulse integrates user ratings, social buzz and critics’ ratings.

As far as competition is concerned there will always be Google and other search engines, but the informations available on them is cluttered. This is where websites like Flixstreet can come and help users with sorted out and organised information, adding to the movie experience in whole. As far as peer competition is concerned, there a quite a few players that cater to both a national and regional audience like Filmfare, Nowrunning etc and also most news channels have movie reviews on their portal like TOI, IBNLive etc.

The startup is currently focusing on growth and engagement. In the future they are looking at a revenue model that combines social planning to watch movies along with a targeted marketing platform for production houses.

Question for the team: WHY should one rate movies on this site? Isn’t sentimental analysis of social feeds a better way to judge a movie? What’s social about this product?

Sign up at Flixstreet and let us know about the experience.

India Get Independent, Startup!

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Delhi Based Startup SahVidya makes File Storage and Sharing Easy for Academics

A frequent wish heard in academic circles: We should collaborate more often. Delhi based startup SahVidya wants to make that happen. The company has built an online application for academics and institutions to store data, share applications and computing facility with peers and others on the network.

The application can work for any university or institute, says its founder Bhanu Gupta, an alum of IIT- Delhi. “There is no platform at present where academicians can meet and collaborate and SahVidya becomes one stop shop for that,” says Gupta.

The freemium product gives 3GB of free space to a user. Additional space costs $.3 per GB/ Month. Since launch in December last year, the company has registered 500 users from IITs, IIMs and few from NIFT Delhi, Gupta said.

The site has two primary kinds of users– students & faculty. Students can use the site to store data, create course directories, organise lab work, assignments and share files between peers in other institutes.

Faculty can use the storage facility to upload course work, assign it to student groups, maintain office, research and consultancy related work.Sahvidya

The startup will have to compete with larger rivals such as Dropbox, if the proposition is storage. While the service also competes with the collaboration tools like Google Drive, Microsoft Online Office, SahVidya has a winner in making if they have a clear workflow for use-cases in academics.

For research and publications, Jstor and the likes already have a stronghold among academicians. (ReadDropbox smartly finds a space in Indian colleges)

The Indian government is also working on various cloud computing initiatives (pdf) and academic institutions are their primary targets. Government is likely to use state owned infrastructure. So that will probably rule out government institutions. E-mail, productivity, ERP, CRM and other things are already on the Government’s road map. Microsoft has already made inroads into academic institutions by partnering with the All India Council for Technical Education.

What this also means that the government is open to the idea of cloud computing and there will be opportunities to partner with them on various aspects related to cloud computing.

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This Startup Coverage is part of NextBigWhat’s ‘India. Get Independent. #StartupCampaign’, supported by Canaan Partners and Shopify India. During this campaign, NextBigWhat will profile upcoming Indian startups. If you want to have your startup featured, please submit details here.]

India Get Independent, Startup!

Reduce Data Launches Programmatic Advertising Platform

reduce dataReduce Data has launched its programmatic advertising platform in India. Using this platform advertisers can buy advertising space via an auction over advertising exchanges. The auctions are conducted over an industry standard protocol called Real-Time Bidding (RTB).

As per Reduce Data, audiences bought over auctions are turning out to be more effective than traditional network media buying. This is mainly because advertisers only buy audiences which meet their targeting needs, price needs.

Using the platform advertisers buy each impression instead of a placement which means each user / impression is priced differently. The company tracks the full campaign funnel in real-time. Real-time machine learning delivers instant predictions on probability of the ad that is being bid on the industry standard Real Time Bidding (RTB) protocol.

Reduced Data Platform

Apart from measuring the clicked or rendered ads, apprehending and analyzing rough data, the service also provide users with metrics on the effectiveness of brand lift campaigns. Advertisers can also use the platform’s analytics to measure advertising spends.

Reduce Data Features

RTB spends are increasing in India every year. While solutions are available in India, it is estimated that the uptake is not very high due to various reasons while in markets like US, the uptake is about 20% of all digital spends.

US RTB Spending

Reduce Data says that it plans to leverage big data technologies in order to deliver highly optimized ad spends. The company claims to have access to about 6 billion daily impressions in partnerships through various exchanges.

Started by ZestAdz cofounder, Reduce Data raised angel funding last year.

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Networkplay Acquires yoCAPTCHA

Networkplay has announced the acquisition of yoCAPTCHA, the advertising platform by Innovese. This new move will bring Innovese co-founders, Ankit Gupta and Dhruv Sogani, on board Networkplay. Dhruv Sogani will be heading Business Development at Networkplay and Ankit Gupta will join as Head of Technology.yocaptcha

Innovese launched their product yoCAPTCHA back in 2011, as a CAPTCHA advertising platform. The service helps in transforming difficult to read CAPTCHAs into ad units. In a years time the company had over 100 publishers on board and over a billion CAPTCHA impressions.

The service offers a range of CAPTCHA units based on various formats like interactive game/activity, video, Animations etc.

Back in March 2102, the publishing division of European media conglomerate Bertelsmann AG, Gruner + Jahr, had acquired a majority stake in Networkplay. Gruner + Jahr made this investment as a move to build its digital business in India.

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5 Indian Startups Make It To The 8th Batch Of Start-Up Chile

startupchileFive Indian startups have made it to Start-Up Chile, the startup accelerator run by the Chilean government.

This new  batch of  85 startups, come from 28 different countries and will take part in a 6 month long accelerator programme.

Startups from countries such as Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia and Romania are a part of this new batch.

Here’s a quick look at the Indian startups that made it to batch 8 of the Start-Up Chile program.

Profoundis Labs

The startup, which began its journey at the Startup Village in Kerala, has developed iTestify, a product that helps users collect and manage testimonials and feedbacks from various channels and display them on your website.

i7 Networks

The Bangalore based enterprise security startup has launched PeregrineGuard, an agent-less security solution for enterprises.  The solution gives IT managers a way of securing the enterprise network by providing controls that help in discovering devices being used by employees, maintaining inventory of devices in use in a network and applying granular access control. i7 Networks demoed at bigMobilityConf recently.

Brainwave Education

The e-learning startup has developed an application that helps children between 5th and 9th standards learn science and math, through Do-It-Yourself experiments and video games.


The startup has a product that allows users to talk, discover and convey thoughts over the internet, using their mobile app, in 30 second audio snippets called ‘croaks’.


The Mumbai based startup, provides users with an ERP application tailor made for project intensive engineering design companies. The product helps companies with resource management, progress tracking, performance monitoring and other such processes.

You can see the entire list of startups here.

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Note Taking Service Classmint Launches Image Annotations For Better Notes

cmint-logoClassmint, the interactive study notes tool, has recently launched an image annotations service with embed ability to add annotations to an image and embed it on blogs and websites etc.

Using the Classmint note taking service, students can create annotable, audible notes that can be folded like a paper. With this launched feature, students can also import an image, add some annotations and copy the HTML embed code as publish it on their website or blog.

This feature can come in handy when you need to provide annotated information pertaining to particular images published online. For example e-commerce portals can annotate images on them explaining the product better. Technology blogs and services like real estate services can annotate the image to provide users with better description. This can also be handy for e-learning portals.

The idea behind the service is to help retailers/ and other website owners to better describe their products.

Classmint Image Annotations

You can view a sample post here. Currently the feature is offered totally free, but displays a Classmint logo at the bottom right.

There are many other free services like Annotorious and Pixtick and many others, that provide similar annotations services.