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A Look at TImes Internet’s TLabs’ Fourth Batch Startups [9 Startups, 4 Cities]

Out of the selected ones, four companies are from Delhi, three from Bangalore, one from Hyderabad and one from Kharagpur. The accelerator program which was run for three months earlier now has been extended to four months.

Cut Through The Clutter & Paid Bollywood Reviews With Social Review Platform Flixstreet

Flixstreet is a social discovery and recommendation engine for Indian movies. Their primary focus right now is on Bollywood but will be soon moving into regional films as well.

Delhi Based Startup SahVidya makes File Storage and Sharing Easy for Academics

Delhi based startup SahVidya wants to end that. The company has built an online application for them to store data, share applications and computing facility with peers and others on the network.

Reduce Data Launches Programmatic Advertising Platform

Using the platform advertisers buy each impression instead of a placement which means each user / impression is priced differently.

Networkplay Acquires yoCAPTCHA

Innovese launched their product yoCAPTCHA back in 2011, as a CAPTCHA advertising platform. The service helps in transforming difficult to read CAPTCHAs into ad units.

5 Indian Startups Make It To The 8th Batch Of Start-Up Chile

This new batch of 85 startups announced come from 28 different countries and will take part in a 6 month long accelerator programme. Startups from countries a diverse as Lithuania, the Netherlands, Russia and Romania are a part of this new batch.

Note Taking Service Classmint Launches Image Annotations For Better Notes

Using the Classmint note taking service, students could create annotable, audible, beautiful notes that can be folded like a paper.

Before You Shop, Compare Details (Not Just Price) With BuyingIQ

Delhi based BuyingIQ wants to take on the comparison shopping space by helping users make smart decisions when it comes to shopping online.

SoCXO : Content Curation Meets the CXOs.

SoCXO attempts to solve a hidden incentive of CXOs - be in the know of recent developments/news and use that to impress the world around!

Podcasting App Aurality Pivots. Founders Launch Gifting Service Giftery

Cofounded by Aurality cofounders (and others), Giftery enables visitors to select gifts from 70+ merchants and send the gifts to recipients. The Mumbai based startup has raised funding from Rajan Anandan and Blume Ventures.

Startup Mekuchi Wants to Bring the Much Needed DIY Revolution in India

Bangalore based startup, Mekuchi is an open web initiative with a vision to make a billion makers- that is aimed at being the destination for makers, crafters, innovators and tinkerers to discover, learn and engage with each other.

About to Become A Father, Entrepreneur Starts Venture for Kid Friendly Furniture

For their flagship product, Lulla, they have tied up with speciality birthing centers like Apollo Cradle and others to display the product in their premise.

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