10+ Inspiring SAAS Landing Pages

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At NextBigWhat, we use a lot of SAAS services – right from Google docs to Freshdesk to Do and as we continue with our research on apps to use, we came across some of the most amazing well designed SAAS pages.

By ‘well designed’, we don’t just mean pages that convert visitors to users/customers, but also instances of great messaging and pricing, which we believe are attributes or great product design.

In no particular order, here is our list of 10 Amazing SAAS pages that all product entrepreneurs should look at.


helpshift is a Pune/US based startup (recently raised funding  from Nexus Venture Partners and True Ventures).

The beauty of their home page is the way it starts

TG : “Attention Mobile App Developers”

Problem Statement: “Do you know what users do when they have a problem?”

Not just the section above the fold, but the page itself has a life of its own. Thanks to great choice of colors, you end up reading each and every text.

Asana’s Pricing section

What’s beautiful? Simplified pricing (did you notice that there is only 1 row while others have a minimum of 10 different pricing options?), and importantly, FREE is mentioned separately.


Probably the most amazing example of a product page, JotForm‘s homepage is the product page itself. You start creating the form and pricing etc details follow.

Isn’t this a powerful way to get started with your visitors and convert them to users (and customers later)?


Come what may, Salesforce will always take a jab at its competitor and unlock the value with partners (i.e. SAP) :)


Beautifully, Basecamp  tells you how many companies signed up for the product last week. In fact, this is a great way to tell the visitor on adoption of the product (builds trust, isn’t it?).


Probably the simplest interface, Dropbox’s home page represents the product attributes – i.e. of simplicity.

The homepage just tells you that the product is free for different OSes/platforms, carries a smaller ‘Sign in‘ link on the top for registered users. The intent is to get new users to register ASAP.


Kissmetrics clearly stays away from the technology jargons of the product and claims that it starts where Google Analytics ends.

Plus, color combination gives you a great sense of CTAs and metrics which Kissmetrics is following.


One of the most amazingly done product, Mailchimp nicely runs the product demo in the homepage.


How will you sell a A/B testing product? Well, you sell the benefit and not the product!


Look at Freshdesk’s pricing page  – most of the other players use ‘starters’, ‘pro’ etc pricing, but Freshdesk’s messaging visually uses flowers (and garden) to depict a company’s growth path.

Fresh thinking, for sure!


In SaaS business, everybody is a potential customer and you need a plug in each and every company. Mumbai (India) based WebEngage makes it easy for one to pitch the product to boss.


Got more such examples to share? Please share in the comment section or simply email me (ashish@). We will be happy to add the same.


  1. Jagan Ganti

    Few others
    Kickofflabs – I like how the last words keep changing in the headline. Similar to Gumroad.
    SendGrid – Perfect. Just 3 words to say what it does. And the count of emails rolling above the video is great.
    FreshBooks – Cloud accounting and 5 million users. Could there be a better way to impress?
    DigitalOcean – Time matters and beat that 55seconds promise!
    ClickDesk's banner :)

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  3. Kabir Khanna

    Usability is becoming one of the key USP's! Lots of companies are re-inventing old ideas and applications, only simpler to use. Great examples here and in the comments below!

  4. Richard Johnson

    Some fine examples there. Any ideas on great looking templates for SaaS businesses?

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