Solar Energy in India – Gujarat to host World’s Largest Plant, India’s grand plans..and more

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Gujarat government has signed a MoU with Clinton Foundation to build the world’s largest solar-power plant in the region. The 3,000-megawatt plant near the border between India and Pakistan would be one of four planned by the initiative, a William J. Clinton Foundation program to promote renewable energy. The other proposed sites are in California, South Africa, and Australia.

Of all the Indian state governments, Gujarat has taken bold steps towards ‘solarizing’ the state – the government is even offering 25-year fixed-rate tariff contracts, and 35,000 sq. km. area of Thar Desert has been set aside for solar power projects.

55% subsidy on Solar Installations for Homes and Offices

Indian government, plans to provide 55% subsidy on solar power installations for homes and offices, according to a senior government official. The subsidy will come from the $22bn (£13.4bn) that the federal government plans to budget for solar power development to 2030.

Government also plans to convert 10,000 villages which do not have electricity into solar-powered settlements 2012, by diverting a part of of the subsidy spent on fossil fuel to renewable energy.

Moser Baer to setup Solar Project

Moser Baer India is is developing a 1 MW solar power project in Chandrapur district. When completed, it will be one of the largest solar projects in the world using the latest thin film technology. (source)

Also read: India’s National Solar Mission – Grand Plans [20,000MW by 2020]


  1. Anuj Rathi

    If I’m going to stop reading, it will be because in spite of claiming to “heart” startups, posts far too many posts on Solar Power. You can claim all you want that those are “startups” as well, but it grinds my gear to receive another-solar-energy-opportunity article in my RSS feed.

    1. Ashish

      Hey Anuj – It’s important to get into the real world of technology rather than stay at a high level and talk only about internet/mobile/vas..etc..

      everybody is aware of these industries and the interim challenges – but what about the future? Don’t you think talking about some of these ‘hard core’ areas is important?

      1. Anuj Rathi

        Don’t you think talking about some of these ‘hard core’ areas is important?

        Definitely! And its also very important to talk about biotechnology, how to prevent cancer, growing population of India and the Iraq war.

        But this blog/site is hardly a place to do so, especially in the light of your recent positioning of your “hearting startups”. Don’t get me wrong, but I think these kind of posts defeat the purpose of your site and contradict your “About” section.

        These topics ought to be discussed but maybe on another site. Once in a while is fine, but daily, making it your fortnightly theme is a little too deviant.

        1. Ashish

          There is a lack of startup in this specific you know that? As a pain point, India needs more solar energy installations than anybody else – and that’s why we are bringing such issues.
          Yes – we do want to talk about biotech, cleantech – and am not at all sure how does that defeats the very purpose of the site – i.e. startups.

          Frankly, I dont want to stay in silo – the whole purpose is to talk about the next big opportunity in India (which very few ppl are talking about..everybody is focused on 3G, MVAS, blah blah..)

          1. Nandish Baxi

            Hi! I am B.E Mechanical graduate with almost 5 yrs of my carrier into Environment Conservation & Technology (ECT) related product.

            Looking to the Right energy demand & environmental condition that Green globe is exposed to., & with my expertise I am willing to Put my effort in these field for the India & ofcourse the Gujarat first if required.
            There shall be the Best drive set-up …

  2. arjun

    looks like we need a “solar powered server” ashish… to keep people interested…. an it should work even if “cloud computing” overshadows the solar landscape !! :-)

  3. Vivek Rajagopalan

    I think the occasional mention of Solar Energy is welcome. But..

    On the other hand, the criticism is also valid. Many of us believe this site is not a business site, but a startup site. Either in solar energy or mini hydel dams, a startup has limited potential. This is not to say there isnt any *new* activity in these areas. Serial entrepreneur Shivasankaran yesterday opened a 350Cr plant in Chennai to manufacture Wind turbines and blades. However, it is a new business, not a startup. Both are not the same.

    >> “solar powered server” ashish

    I second this :-)

    1. Ashish

      On the other hand, I just met some startups who are working on a solar initiative.. I agree we shdn’t be going ‘all solar’ (and that makes me think, whether there is a need for a separate section for all this)..but since its the theme that we selected..we are doing our best to go sunny.

      >> “solar powered server” – will I be able to moonwalk? :D

  4. Vivek Rajagopal

    >> “solar powered server”

    It is scorching hot in Chennai right now. This solar talk is making it worse. Right now, Id like to hear about some startup importing icebergs ?


  5. Sameer

    Well, honestly, a startup is essentially a small business started with limited capital to address some needs of the market through either technology, or delivery, or a totally new level of service, or another such innovation. The innovation is usually key because thats all a startup can do to overcome the lack of big bucks etc is innovate!

    Solar power is at a very nascent stage. Given the predicted demand in the power sector, coupled with the need to keep it as green as possible (getting more and more fiercely mandated by law), and complicated by the cost vs benefit and the distribution issues, its ripe for innovation across its entire food-chain. Right from the design, to the engineering of solutions, the consulting around it, the productizing/packaging and finally the distribution and the maintenance, there’s so much opportunity that I’m surprised at some of the comments here!

    Sure, it may not be *your* technology and possibly not even have a web interface (though I can think of a few cool ideas around that) but that is hardly reason to impose an assumed categorization over it. It is already breeding entrepreneurial ventures (not large capital backed ones alone) and it is a huge addressable market and it definitely is about technology.

    If you cannot relate to that, I guess you could continue to slot it in whatever category you choose to. Others who see opportunity in this will, meanwhile, potentially be the big guys when it goes primetime. Its a choice, after all.

    Ashish, I’d say you’ve made the right choice in your take on the subject. Power on (pun intended).

  6. Nisheeth Kohli

    Hi Ashish ,
    I am a Textile marketing professional (B. Tech Textiles , 7 years of work experience) engaged in marketing & sourcing of Fashion accessories for a UK based retail chain Monsoon Accessorise till end Sept. I have now quit & on a lookout for some enterpreneurial opportunities in Solar energy.
    Can you help me on this ? My strength – Marketing.
    My weakness – No idea about Technology on Solar energy projects. Can I team up with someone who is totally Technology based & not so strong on marketing ?

    1. Mayank

      Hi Nisheeth & Ashish,

      I am a Mechanical Engineer, worked for 5 years with Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited, left the job and joined PhD (Management) at IIT Kanpur, now on the completion stage of my PhD.

      I am also looking very seriously into ‘solar power’ for an enterpreneurial opportunity. Nisheeth, may be we can go along. At the outset, I see we have a complementing strength and weakness. Also I have another drawback that I dont have any money to begin with :).

      Ashish, it’d be really nice if you can give some initial inputs (in terms of ideas) to us. I am sure we’ll make it big.

      1. kv sunderam

        Hi Mayank,
        Please let me have your email id. iam interested in setting up a solar energy plant under the Rajiv Gandhi village electrification scheme.

        1. Mayank

          I look forward to hear from you, Sunderam.

          Mayank []

        2. vikram

          do reply at for any help in setting up solar power project.


          vikram k.

          1. AVANI BHATT

            Intrested in knowing more about setting up solar power project.

  7. kv sunderam

    Dear Sir,
    i propose to set up a solar power plant under the Rajiv Gandhi village electrification scheme.i propose toinvest around 5 crores initially and willbe doing with it my associate working in Quatar etroleum,Quatar.Those ready to offer technical help can contact me.
    email id

    1. Harshad Patel

      i am mba student and having training at one of the solar manuf comp…and i am doing my project on solar power plant in gujarat…
      my back ground is B.Sc. (physics)… so,cont me if i cn help u sm hw at
      nt for job just a formal help…

      1. Saurabh Rawal

        please contact me at 91-9971712756 regarding project in solar field

    2. Alkesh

      Pl. contact me on my mail if u r intrested in investing money in solar. Now, days are coming to get lot of money from solar power project in Gujarat. Send me mail for detail….

      1. jay patel

        yes,,am intersted in solar project plan,,,wat to do next,,,i’hv no idea,,,guide me sir,,,,my no..9825480380

      2. R.C.BUTALA

        I want to know about solar industry,equipments and their details like price duration ,capacity etc.Also I will like to have addresses of solar industries in Gujarat.

  8. Rana Thomas


    I am an NRI Engineer interested in entering the renewable energy sector in India. Manufacturing of components/parts and/or assembling (e.g. PV panels etc.) can be considered. Generation of power(Micro Hydel, Solar, Gasification etc.) also can be looked into. Those who have similar interests may please contact me at

    1. Harshad Patel

      i am mba student and having training at one of the solar manuf comp…and i am doing my project on solar power plant in gujarat…
      my back ground is B.Sc. (physics)… so,cont me if i cn help u sm hw at

  9. nitin

    i m an s/w engineer.i want to start to deal in parts of solar power plant.can nebody tell me hw much cost will be required to star the business.

    1. Harshad Patel

      I m mba student having training at one of solar manuf comp. as pr my view if u want to start to DEAL in parts of solar power plant then u will need only an office and some of marketing people to get u connected wid d manuf comp….
      But starting of solar power plant will cost u 20cr pr MW…
      and manuf of solar panels may cost u around 1cr wid ful flange facility…
      hope u get this…

  10. rakesh kumar gampa

    dear sundaram,

    i am a graduate in Mechanical engineering from NIT Trichy presently working in Indian oil corporation as an engineer and keenly interested in joining the solar power industry, i would like to know about your plan, and other details which i hope would help me to get into this industry. i can support in technical aspects of solar power.

    reply me at for further discussions. hoping for a beneficial tie-up.

    rakesh kumar gampa

  11. jitendra navani

    hi guys, this d first time i was onthis page , liked it very much , im an MBA ,businessman , at gandhidham gujarat , 20 years of marketing experience , would like to gradually shift to solar energy business ofcourse marketing d end product , im into building materials industry hv exprnce of selling solar water heaters , but want to do more in this area ,

    1. Raj Patel

      We are manufacturing LED lighting in USA
      I would like to start two project in Gujarat one for LED lighting and one larger scale of solar about 80 MW
      Solar farm
      We are working on proposal for Gujarat Goverment
      We are looking to invest US $250 million.
      May be you can help us in marketing

      You can contact via email @

      Raj Patel

      1. ramesh

        i represent a fastener industrial complex from germany with
        since we work with many customers including Renewable energy customers like solar panel mfr and installers
        i will help you find some serious players in india, in this PV field
        mail me your proposal

  12. Nana

    Really interesting all your mails. I work for a school that is looking at solar lighting as an option. Could you folks suggest something for us-

    1. yogesh Thakur

      Hi Nana
      We install off grid solo – solar or Hybrid Wind – Solar system from 100W – 10 KW. Defenitly can help you out in building this. We have fe excellent solar court yard lights for campuses like schools. For more details please send a test mail to or can call on 9880597182


      Yogesh Thakur

  13. Solar Vents

    Google blog search is always great for finding new stuff! I was trying to figure out how to install an attic ventilator.. Don’t know why this one came up!

  14. Rabinarayan panigrahi

    Dear Sir,
    This is for your kind information

    We are S.R.Logisticks came into existence on 10.02.2007. We are a partnership firm mostly dealing in Industrial safety items and telecom products, since our birth we have grown at a constant pace and created a niche in industrial sales and corporate sales.

    Being at the heart of orissa and in a heavily industrialized district business opportunities are available more than any body can think of. In the vicinity we have plants like NALCO, BRG iron& Steel, Bhushan Steels ltd., Bindal Sponge Iron ltd., Monnet ispat, srimetalik industries, hind metal and industries, navvarat ventures along with Jindal steel in construction phase. Apart from these there is lots of medium scale and small scale industries are active in this region.

    While dealing in industrial safety items we found out that there is a huge demand for Digital Security System for better surveillance. As the industrial safety is taking new and advanced shape these equipments are inevitable in future.

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  15. Manjunath Prasanna

    Hi everyone,
    I have had considerable experience in the consumer durable sector ( electronics) including manufacturing, technical support, product planning, product management. sourcing, marketing and merchandise management – all spanning a career of 25 years.
    I now wish to change tack and get a foothold into the renewable energy sector- read solar energy.

    Areas of interest for me would be the application side- end to end implementation of projects on solar powered heating and lighting solutions for corporates and households.Also any other highend applications if possible.

    My current knowledge in this area is abysmal but my strenghts are being a keen learner, excellent communicator and ready to put in maximum efforts in sourcing, installing, marketing areas.

    Would want to start of being employed initially for a couple of years, later spin off as a subcontracter or a franchisee.

    Any inputs, please.

  16. Shreekant SIngh

    I want to start a solar energy power plant. What would be the initial investments and what support i can get from Indian Govt.

  17. manish madahar

    Hi .iam interested in setting up a solar energy plant under the Rajiv Gandhi village electrification khargone m.p.plz send me datials.09229280469.09827333262

  18. varun mahajan

    i just want to know about the trading opportunities in solar energy equipments in punjab

  19. Rick Jain

    We are interested in installing 10 mw of Solar Power project in india. we need information on installation, required land, cost…etc.

  20. bipin

    Dear sir,

    Hi .iam interested in setting up a solar energy plant under the Rajiv Gandhi village electrification Bhilad(w) near vapi,Gujarat.plz send me datials.09904138175
    Bipin Purohit

  21. kabindra pokhrel

    Hi good afternoon,

    i am for nepal, we are looking for solor system industrial use our comapany is IT base company and Consaltant, if you are intrested to do the business in nepal so please send us.

    Thanking and best wishes
    kabindra Pokhrel
    Marketing Manager

    1. Vinod Nair

      Hi Kabindra,

      We are a group of NRIs and we are looking for good , feasible projects. Let us know of any viable units for partnership/ JV or take over.We will need full details before we step in.

  22. Niranjan lal yadav

    Hi good afternoon,

    I am working in Humana people to people India. It is NGO.We are a social worker.non profit organization. Now i am doing solar energy illumination project at uttar pardesh. In 4 Disst.they namely Hardoi,Unnao,Badaui,Kanshe ram nager,100 villages. There are totaly non electrified villages.Our project partner are Teri (The energy of resource institute) and USAID (United state agency international development)we will want do more village. so we want to new project partner.

    Thanking and best wishes
    Niranjan lal

  23. Shiv Shakti Singh Rajawat

    hi, i am intrested in setting up and marketing of solar energy products in Rajasthan and Gujrat. My contact no. Is 9829035882.

  24. Vinod Nair

    We have an eco resort at sulthan bathery , wynad , kerala , india on a 5 Acres property, close to the Mysore pictursque border.

    If anyone is interested in setting up a eco project or a wind mill or solar energy project here, we can give on nominal lease or as a JV 2 acres of the property.

  25. Vinod Nair

    Vinod Nair on July 8, 2010 at 10:36 am

    We have an eco resort at sulthan bathery , wynad , kerala , india on a 5 Acres property, close to the Mysore pictursque border. You can contact us at kznair@yahoo com or mobile 0091 9895692124

    If anyone is interested in setting up a eco project or a wind mill or solar energy project here, we can give on nominal lease or as a JV 2 acres of the property

  26. Nandkumar Patil

    i am interested in trading of solar lighting. Presently trading in inverters.

  27. Narvinder Singh

    We required 1 solar system for domestic upto 8 to 10 KW electricity produced
    2 for office 5KW each electricity produced
    1 Industrial solar system forr 6000 Ltr. chemical water upto 50 degree Temp.

  28. vikash

    We are interested in installing 10 mw of Solar Power project in india. we need information on installation, required land, cost…etc. plz helm me i want to start in singrauli m.p

    1. yogesh thakur

      Installation: you can use Solar Photvoltaic (PV) Techology or Solar Thermal : I recommend Stirling engine based solar dishes.

      Required Land For a 10MW solar plants is Aprox. 60 -70 Acres.

      The Cost (As per Various reports): 10 MW
      PV based: 180 Cr – 200 Cr
      Solar Thermal (Stirling Engine based): INR 230 – 250 Cr

      Efficiency : PV : 15% -20 %
      Thermsl (Stirling Engine) : 24% – 30%

      Govt Subsidy: Can check out at generally its is INR 90/watt for storage based and Inr 70 /Watt for grid based.

      Procedure: Have to submit the application through your local Govt. renewable energy agency, application shall carry all the details:
      a. Your Finacial capacity of Inr 2 Cr per MW (Please check in MNRE site)
      b. Land Aquisition details
      c. Project Report
      d. All necessary fees applicable
      e. Nearest Grid details and authorization letter from concerned Grid officials.
      f. Details of technology used and all designs and equipments details.
      g. Site feasibilty report

      2. Govt. (MNRE and Local agency) approves it, you have to:
      a. Sign a Power purchase agreement with Local Govt. distribution utility company. (MPSEB)
      b. Have to finalize the levelised teriff

      There are four to five main agencies involved:
      a. State Govt. RE Agency (Govt.)
      b. MNRE (Govt.)
      c. IREDA (Govt.)
      d. State Distribution Utility (MPSEB) (Govt.)
      e. Finacial institution for project debt. (Nationalized or private)

      For more details please visit MNRE website,
      We can assist you in setting up the plant.



        Hi yogesh,
        We are a building construction firm and are in the business for past 25 years.we are interested in setting uo a solar power plant in a town or a remote village.
        It would be excellent if we can connect.
        please send me your email id.


  29. shasi

    Dear sir,

    Hi .iam interested in setting up a solar energy plant under the Rajiv Gandhi village electrification singrauli(w) near ntpc vindhnagar.plz send me datials.09926364523
    shasi sinha

  30. k.v.subbarao

    pl. send the full details of solor industry and regarding subsidy by the govt. which helpful to us to start the industry

  31. Nishit Mehta

    we are interested to install 5MW solar power plant in kutch Disti. in Gujarat under Phase 1 of JNNSM. so i want to get information about who is authorised to sign as STU.

  32. Yogesh Thakur


    We are group of professionals from diversified backgrounds and have joined hands to launch a venture called Redeem Power Projects Pvt Ltd. ( with an Auth. Capital of INR 10 Million.

    We have plans:
    1. To set up small/Mini Hydro projects (Immidiate) in
    the state of Himanchal Pradesh on BOOT (Build, Own,
    operate, Transfer) basis for 40 years.

    We have all required technical skills and expereince
    for setting up a Hydro Project ( I.e. We are enegineers
    with 8 -10 years exp. in Hydro Projects with various
    We have Identified few hydro sights and working
    upon the feasiblity of these sights, before we apply it
    to the Govt. Agencies for approvals. The Sites could
    be of 100 KW to – 5000KW capacity.
    We have two members as Himanchal
    Bonafide,required for setting up a hydro plant of up
    to 5000KW capacity.
    Govt has a subsidy of 45% and projects can
    befinanced on 30:70::Equity: Debt Ratio.
    The approx. cost of a 1000KW (1 MW) hydro plant is
    INR 50 – 60 Milllions. The minimum erection period
    is of 3-4 years and the break even is 3-5 years.

    2. We Have plans for Solar Power projects in India,
    already finalised a land for 1000KW solar project in
    Karnataka and working out the feasibility of it.

    Working on few design for home based hybrid Solar –
    wind power systems for indian homes.

    So any interetsed investors or VC who can invest INR 100 Millions – 500 millions on equal stake basis please feel free to revert on (

    Yogesh Thakur

  33. nikhil

    dnt go in this fieldpeople india is having so muych coal it can generate energy for more then 70 dnt go in this particular field . go for BIO-CONVERSION OR BIO-ENERGY.

  34. Jaydeep s shah

    I want to grow with solar energy in my Bunglow & Apartment. And I want to do business of Solar Energy.

    1. Yogesh thakur


      what is the power load of your bunglow, please send us all appliances details ….Appliance, No. of Appliance, working Hrs per day, Power rating (Watts), Average sun shine per day(Hrs).

      You want it as off – grid or grid intereactive, in oof grid is only for your capative use, where as on Grid is: The extra electricity generated can be fed back to Govt. Utility grid, and you will earn min appx. Rs 10 – 12 /Kwh (Unit). So you are in business as well.

      The investment shall be apprx. INR 200 – 300 / Watt, Govt has certain incetives and subsidies available, and can get details on MNRE site.

      We can assist you in design, erection and maintenance of the system.



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