“Should I Startup or Take up a Job”? The answer is..

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“Should I Startup or Take up a Job”?

We are very often asked for suggestions on this question and I personally find it very difficult to answer this without knowing a wannapreneur’s real reason to startup.

But the shortest and most apt answer came from Nilesh (in reply to a question: I am willing to startup, but do not now how to put ideas into action)

““Confusion whether to start up a company or go to work.” Unless you have this question in your mind, you are not ready for start up a company. In other word, When you will be ready to start up a company, you won’t have this confusion.”

Starting up is more than just leaving your job (and staying unemployed!). Starting up a business needs a different mindset and unless you are in a frame of mind to slog your a$$ (i.e. immensely passionate about the idea), do not take the leap.

In fact, most of such queries are driven by the biggest myth surrounding entrepreneurship – i.e. I will be My Boss! [Read: I will be my Boss - Myths About Entrepreneurship].

No doubt that starting up gives you the freedom to choose/decide (and live the consequence), but being one’s own boss is highly overrated. Once you startup, you will realize that you have too many bosses to report to – including investors whose money is at stake, including family who will keep poking with ‘Is all well with your company?

In short, you are more answerable to the world when you are an entrepreneur vs. when you are an employee.

So if you are still wondering if you should take up a job or startup, simply go for the job. Maybe you do not believe so much in the idea or you still aren’t so passionate to die for it.

Having said that, don’t live in a binary world – i.e. don’t do an either-or.
Even if you take up a job, you should be researching more on the idea, start building the product, start with PoCs (Proof of Concept), start talking to potential customers and do a dip stick check after 6 months.

After 6 months, if you still find yourself working on the same idea and dreaming of making it big, congratulations. It’s time to take a plunge.


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  1. Pradeep

    Very well said.. You should be sure of what you wish to do and unless you are sure there is no point of being your own boss!!

  2. Animesh

    to nitpick, I think the comment
    “Unless you have this question in your mind”
    should be
    “As long as you have this question in your mind”

  3. Amit

    Very Nice. really like the last line which sums up the essence of this post

  4. Irfan Khan

    To succeed in anything you got to have passion. When your primary driver is passion then the arduous journey still feels pleasant. Here is a formula,
    Take a job in the domain of your passion.
    Work in the job like its your own company.
    Gather all pros & cons of the business.
    Reach a level where you know the business inside out and not just your scope of work, in the job.
    At some point now you will feel strong enough to take the plunge.
    Now when you meet investors you don’t need to talk, your passion will.

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