Send Automated ‘Happy Birthday’ SMS Using Yaum Android App

We are all guilty of forgetting friend’s birthday and while some of you have automated this part from Facebook, nothing beats a personal SMS.

Yaum, an Android app lets you sync your Facebook friends’ birthdays and send automated SMS with your custom, pre-filled birthday/anniversary wishes. Using the app, you can sync birthdays from your Facebook/Google contacts (plus add/manage birthdays) and the system will send automated SMS with preset, editable wishes.automated_SMS_yuam

We earlier profiled AutoBudder app that automates posting on friend’s Facebook wall and Yaum (developed by New Delhi based landshark team) goes a step further and does SMS too.

While many of us would hate to automate such services, the reality is that we do need such services, now that definition of friends is largely driven by ‘contacts’ on Facebook.

What’s your take on such services?