How ZatSe plans to take on JustDial in its home turf [Interview with Ashima Munjal]

Two year old ZatSe is planning to launch in Mumbai and nine other cities where its rivals have already established a strong footing. Born into the Munjal family, which founded one of the country’s largest auto businesses (Hero Majestic group), Ashmi Munjal is full of enterprise. Read more about how Ashmi Munjal plans to take on competition.

Who Wants In? JustDial is Selling Shares to Raise Rs 822- Rs 950 cr

As JustDial goes public on May 20 to give its investors a partial exit, the question is: will the public part with its cash?

12 Hrs On And First Amendment To TRAI Regulation Comes In [FB, Orkut, JD etc. exempted]

TRAI has published a notice with amendment regarding 100 SMS per SIM clause for some web businesses in the SMS SPAM Regulation. Though the amendment does not seem to make much sense as it was for the regular users but not…