Raises Series A Funding From Nirvana Venture Advisors, Pune based Internet product start-up (demoed at UnPluggd3 event) has raised Series A investment from Nirvana Venture Advisors (a fund anchored by the Patni Family). Founded by Suruchi Wagh, (rebranded entity) is a web-based recommendation engine which acts…

YourNextLeap pivots to a job site [Interview with the team]

The jobs industry is a big market and we find that Job seekers & Employers can be provided with a better solution than what exists in the market at this time.

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Most Popular articles for week ending August 21st. Most Popular Recommended By Pi Team A Dream Come True : Company Incorporation In 24-48 Hours (In India!) The Lesser Ambitious Breed Called “Indian App Developers” Bravo! India Among The Top 3…

Can Indian Women Handle Startups ?

For all you chicks – who do well in engineering colleges and b-schools, where do you disappear after graduating? For few of you who are involved in start-ups, the world doesn’t know about you because at most times you don’t own your success. You can’t be shy of telling the world how good you are. Speak up and voice your opinion. People who speak up are seeked for.

How Pink Floyd Can Help Every Entrepreneur [Heroes for Ghosts?]

So there you are. You have sold off your fledgling 1 year old startup (albeit not on your terms i.e. a distress sale) and you have joined a nice paying  job. You get up every morning.