This RBI Circular on Exports Can Potentially Kill IT Startups and SMEs in India

The erstwhile exemption for an invoice value of US $25000 is history, now even an export invoicing of 1 Dollar would be required to be declared to STPI and certified.

DIY platform PowerStores Makes Setting Up an E-commerce Store Easy

PowerStores is a DIY platform that recently caught our attention. The 2.5 year old company based in Goa competes with Buildabazaar, Shopify, Zepo and others.

With Henry At Your Service, Ecommerce Gets The Much Needed Guided Search

Israeli startup Henry At Your Service enables ecommerce companies to help customers make decisions; and improve conversion rate for ecommerce sites.

Letting Go Of Your First Baby : Lessons from Comeback Heroes

Letting go doesn’t come easy to entrepreneurs who pour much of their lives working long hours at their startup. It takes time but eventually they come out as a new person with lessons learned and new perspectives.

WebEngage Launches Feature to Target Customers Who Are About to Leave Your Website

Mumbai based customer feedback and survey tools startup, WebEngage has launched its new ‘Leave Intent Based Targeting’ feature with which website owners can quickly target a user who is about to leave the site.

Now, Build A Realtime Conversion Engine On Your Website [WebEngage Notifications API]

The code supports “tokens” which can be used to create hyper personalised messages. It allows creating dynamic content inside a notification.

UnPluggd : Thank You All. We Redefined Ourselves

UnPluggd has always been about the community and in this edition, we experimented with a few content formats. Like any growing startup, we continue these experiments and bring fresh perspective to startups

10+ Inspiring SAAS Landing Pages

At NextBigWhat, we use a lot of SAAS services – right from Google docs to Freshdesk to Do  and as we continue with our research on apps to use, we came across some of the most amazing well designed SAAS pages.By ‘well designed’, we don’t just mean p