Campus Sutra wants to customise your campus life with their merchandise

If you passed out of college in India , one thing that you would’ve missed out on was college merchandise. Remember those hollywood movies where college kids wear their hoodies or jackets with their college or team ensemble. Those Alumni…

Sutralite: the low cost recruitment service for startups and SMBs [Sponsored]

Every startup has/is/will face the big “hiring” problem, at some point in time. It’s as if god has planned this particular chapter in the lives of entrepreneurs trying to build a company. There are tons of examples and experiences of…

[Sponsored] Kick-Start Your Entrepreneurial Journey with A Sutra Franchise

[This is a sponsored post.] Who We Are? We’re an established company with products & services focused towards the HR/Recruitment sphere. Our target market is startups, small/medium enterprises, and growing organizations from all over India. We’ve already gathered a steady…

Osutra – Twitter Meets The Hyperlocal Market

Twitter switched from ‘What are you doing now’ to ‘What’s happening now’ and it’s quite natural that many new players will take the conversation built around one’s location (‘Where are you doing what’er you are doing’). Osutra, New Delhi based startup has launched a twitter like service that lets you share updates relevant to localities.

TheSunnyMag: Watch Me Hack; Don’t Build Startups Outside The Valley & More

Welcome to another edition of TheSunnyMag, the curated magazine of stories that are startlingly insightful or a delight to read. Happy reading!

Indian Print Media’s Innovation Dilemma: Digital Natives Are Coming

A few publications are up for sale and few others have shut down or downsized. Sales and marketing teams are under more pressure than ever.

Paul Basil: A true pioneer in the world of social entrepreneurship [Interview]

Paul Basil, founder of social enterprise incubator Villgro (previously called Rural Innovations Network or RIN), is a giant in the world of social entrepreneurship. Trained to be a mechanical engineer, Basil had his first taste of the hinterland when he went to the Indian Institute of Forest Management (IIFM)

Sponsored Post: Coworking Space For Rent In Mumbai

Are you an freelancer, entrepreneur, budding startup with 2-3-5 member teams, or a big organization looking for a remote office in Mumbai? “Coworking Spaces” is the answer to all your office space requirements. Imagine a progressive workspace, with all the…