A Look at LinkLk and How Sanath Fernando is Creating Platform Business in Sri Lanka

Any entrepreneur in Sri Lanka though, must face up to the limited market size – locally. I believe there is huge opportunity to completely bypass online in Sri Lanka and focus on a mobile only (or mobile first) strategy.

Nokia Asha 501 First Impressions: The Best Companion Phone You Can Buy

The new Nokia Asha 501 is the perfect companion phone as it runs the all new Asha platform which is optimized to run on low end hardware as well as a battery that is expected to last almost a month.

TheSunnyMag: Is Jugaad Fraud? And, Staying Millionaire when You Can be a Billionaire

Welcome to another edition of SunnyMag. This week’s curated list of beautiful reads from around the web contains stories big data, the science of faith, a brilliant profile of Jimmy Wales and questions and an editorial on our favorite subject Jugaad. Have a good read.

Yahoo! is Pulling the Plug on 12 Services, AltaVista to Shut on July 8

A bunch of products many of us didn’t even know exist that are being shut down. But sadly, Yahoo is shutting down AltaVista, the original web search engine!

Nokia Asha 501 to be Available from July 1st Week at Rs 5,199

The Nokia Asha 501 is the first phone to run on the new Asha platform. Online retailer Flipkart has listed the product at Rs 5,299 while it is available for pre-order on the official Nokia online site for Rs 5,199

txtWeb Crosses 10 Million Users in India

txtWeb, has announced that it has clocked 10 million mobile users in India since it was launched in February, 2011.

Its Official. YouTube Launches Paid Channels

At the launch of the service there are over 50 channels which will be part of the program. The à la carte model chosen by Google allows viewers to pick and choose which channels they subscribe to. Subscriptions start at $1.99 and go up to $7.99 per channel per month.