Socialdealfactory : The Deal Marketing Platform for Retailers [Social Commerce]

Socialdealfactory is a platform that allows retailers to create, manage and analyze their “Deals / Offers” across multiple social networks and the retailers website in real time. At the core, Socialdealfactory offers “Deal Builder”, a set of utilities that enable…

How The Pageviews Race Is Killing Online Media

While the issue of what plagues media today is a very complex one, this piece is an attempt to view it through the lens of the page views race.

UnPluggd : Whattay Event [Thank you all]

Beautiful? Sexy? Amazing?

Nopes – we don’t know how to describe the UnPluggd experience! The day was full of amazing talks, great demos and importantly, an audience that defines the startup ecosystem in India.

Groupon performance in India : Selling a voucher every 33 seconds, 100% QoQ growth [Interview]

Other players went completely berserk on the consumer side…advertising, marketing campaigns to acquire new customers etc; while we focussed all our energies into getting the right kind of merchants. Our mantra was it may not be the highest priced brands but it has to be a recognised and respected brand.

Giftyaar Attempts to Simplify Gifting by Providing a One-Stop-Shop for Innovative Gifts

GIfting has never been as easy in any era as in today’s world of ecommerce. Log on to one of the numerous online shops that can deliver in the town you want to send a gift to, choose a product,…

Is Google Plus Overhyped?

As with Google ventures like Wave which is dead & Buzz which is on its path to the grave, I think the +1 button and Google + soon would die or atleast would just survive as a clone without replacing or even affecting Facebook or Twitter. I build this purview based on what I see right now & this can however change if someone like the creater of Gmail can take over Google + to make it different and innovative.

Entrepreneurship in India – Part I (Developing your idea)

[This post is to help first-time entrepreneurs on how to develop their idea and how to think about the business case around it. For those of you who are new to this series, please read what these posts are about...