Move Over Skype, Awaaz Wants to Be the Next Gen VoIP App

The Awaaz app lets you call others on the phone, and all calls get routed over the Internet automatically.

Skype Founders’ Music Service Rdio Acquires Dhingana

Music streaming service Rdio has acquired Dhingana, which had recently shut down its operations. The acquisition amount has not been disclosed as yet.

Now Call Any Number with Viber Out at Prices Lower than Skype

Instant messaging app Viber has launched its latest version with a feature called Viber Out, which will let you make calls to any mobile or land line phone even if the recipient doesn’t have Viber.

BSNL Chief: Skype and other Video calling services are illegal in India

Answering a query over free video conferencing facility provided by companies like Skype and Google, BSNL Chief General Manager V Srinivasan, said the video calling services being offered by companies such as Skype were illegal and unlawful.

Browser based Skype coming to combat Google+ Hangouts

Skype may soon be in a new avatar! No Skype isn’t doing anything to its features or adding anything just as of now but Microsoft is surely working hard, burning the midnight lamp to launch browser based Skype app. This…

Indian Government Wants Skype/Google and others to setup Local servers

Indian government has proposed a legal provision that puts the onus uniformly on companies such as Skype and Google to locate part of their information technology (IT) infrastructure within the country to enable investigative agencies ready access to encrypted data…

What is the Future of Skype, post Microsoft Acquisition

Microsoft bought Skype for $8 Billion deal. That looked like an amazing move and at a discounted price if we compare that with Facebook. Skype had over 500 million users as compared to 700 million of Facebook at the time…

This School in Remote Bihar has WiFi, Uses Skype for Learning [Inspiration]

Remember Nalanda? The University was center of higher learning and one of the world’s first residential universities. Well, a lot has changed in Bihar since then and the change has mostly been for bad (or worse). But entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs…

The Great Indian Mashup of Twitter, Orkut, Skype, GTalk –Facebook Chatwala [Awesome]

Indians are unique and one of the most creative lot in this universe. While some prefer to use washing machine to make lassi, a few simply join the brand bandwagon (Google Gola anyone?). Today, one of our readers sent us…

After Blackberry Victory, Indian Government Runs After Google and Skype to Setup Servers in India [Anti Globalization Drive?]

The world is flat, but when it comes to Indian government’s vision, its more flatter (and flutter). After Blackberry gave-in, Indian government is planning to send notices to Google and Skype to setup servers in India. “There will be no…