Out with the Old: How Housing is Trying to Reinvent the Hunt for Rentals

Mumbai based Housing.com has not only changed the way people look for rental spaces, it has also given older, more established rivals a run for their money.

YouTube Rentals Go Live in India

Movies can be rented on YouTube starting at Rs 50. There is also an option to purchase, which is much higher than renting. The pricing is based on the resolution of the movie as well as recent releases.

OrderMonger.com: Order food, groceries, car rentals..and more

Hyderabad based startup, OrderMonger provides web/phone based system for ordering food, flowers, car rentals, and groceries. OrderMonger’s differentiation lies in their attempt to be the one-stop shop for customer orders. Unlike products like HungryBangalore, users of OrderMonger can order foods…

Sun TV Partners With Youtube, iTunes; Also Get Access In-flight

Sun TV has entered into multiple partnerships to deploy its content online, as well as part of in-flight entertainment.

Know The Freshly Added SMEthing Businesses: Exotel, PaperKlips , Savaari [And More..]

SMEthing aims to create a curated platform where Startups & SMEs can get reliable service providers who understand their needs and importantly, constraints.

Weekly Summary: Dhingana Shutdown; Startup Hiring & More

If you have missed out on all the action we covered this week, here’s a curated list.