Microsoft displaces Rediffmail with Office 365 at FICCI. Calls Google Apps Outdated.

Office 365 clearly makes Google Apps look outdated when it comes to enterprise-class security and delivering cloud on your terms.

Rediffmail integrates news feeds from Orkut and Facebook : The Fight for Starting Point

Rediff is taking the threat from Orkut and Facebook very seriously – they do understand that they can’t build another orkut/FB, so integration is the way to go. Rediffmail has integrated news feeds from Orkut and Facebook into the mailbox…

Rediff posts loss again; We are losing count here. Seriously, what gives?

While Rediff, led by Chief Executive Officer Ajit Balakrishnan, has been trying to improve margins by controlling costs, what it really needs is a solid re-look at its business. Back in the day, when the company listed at Nasdaq, its shares were priced at $12 apiece. It now sells at about $3.

Google’s Zeitgeist 2011 for India: The Topmost Search Keyword in 2011..was Facebook [Ouch!]

Google has published the much awaited Zeitgeist for 2011 and no surprises that fastest rising search keyword on Google (India) is…Facebook! The top rising search keywords of 2011 are – Facebook, lbps, Google+, World Cup 2011, Bodyguard, Ra.One, Anna Hazare,…

Synthesized Communication–Even Startups Need To Get This Right

Startups too aren’t immune. The official names of startup companies isn’t as well known as the “market names” or brands they represent. So why have this unknown company name in the email id of the employees? Why not use the brand name in all communications? Still several startups make the mistake of using both the brand and the official name and some make the bigger mistake of just using the official name. For example, imagine receiving an email from as opposed to!

Rediff Launches SlideSongs [Mix Photos and Music]

Rediff has launched Slidesongs, a service that lets you mix photos and music. Once you login to Rediff’s MyPage, you can select photos,  audio and wait for Slidesongs conversion. The service is essentially a way to get people to upload…

Why Indian Languages Failed to make a mark Online!

Why Indian Languages have failed so far to create much desired impact on Internet? With due respect to companies & entrepreneurs working in Indian /Indic languages – let me put practical thoughts on Indian Languages proliferation in Indian Online industry….

Remember Rediff ?

Rediff almost represented the Indian internet to us at one point, and it isn’t a good feeling to see it lose out each space it operates in. Yes, its still a popular site in the Indian context, and manages enough eyeballs, and there’s the odd update, feature that shows a spartk. But overall, the lack of efforts at beating the market curve, or spotting online trends early, and its traffic and revenue graphs betray a trend which is a little alarming and very, very heartbreaking.

Top Google Searches for India in 2009 – Recession, Satyam Share

Google has announced it’s Zeitgeist 2009 and looks like the land of Kamasutra is still figuring out how to flirt/kiss and concentrate :)

Most Popular Search Terms for 2008 in Google [India]

Google has released the most popular search terms from India: orkut gmail yahoo google youtube yahoomail indian railways rediff cricket katrina kaif Top ‘how to’ searches how to reduce weight how to kiss how to earn money how to get…