Why Secret App’s $25mn Funding Is A Good News For Quora [Atleast in India]

Secret’s funding is a BIG relief for Quora, I can tell you. Quora needs more Secret (and bitching) conversation move away from Quora to Secret.

Wanna Learn Entrepreneurship? Take this Quora Credit Points Challenge!

You will learn quite early in the game that a good product just sells. It needs no marketing, it needs no celebrity endorsements, it needs nothing, it just sells.

India tops traffic on Quora. Displaces US.

Indians are actually driving 30% traffic and has displaced US from the number 1 slot. One of the major reason is Quora’s popularity among 2 rising segment : Entrepreneurs and College students (GMAT aspirants).

Chandigarh based startup Assistwindow wants to be the Quora for Enterprises

Each organization has a typical set of challenges and questions unique to its product and processes. So now instead of having to seek help from a co-worker which wastes precious time and money for the organization. The user can simply look it up on Assistwindow and seek the solution when the same challenge was previously faced and the team contributed towards the optimum solution.

Anonymous comment on Quora says leadership team “revolted” against new CEO at FashionandYou

The leadership team of the site has “revolted” against Abhishek Goyal, the new chief executive officer of the company, alleged a new post on Quora.
The authenticity of the post could not be independently verified. However, we have been in touch with Smile Group founder Harish Bahl to know more.

Why are Indians so active on Quora?

India drives ~25% of traffic to Quora. In fact, if you believe Alexa, Quora’s traffic rank in India stands at 185. Maybe, because Indians love to create their own brand?

Internet 101: Satyan Gajwani’s Quora episode [Whatsup at Times Internet Limited?]

Satyan Gajwani, CEO of Times Internet Limited just earned a lot of Internet points for being incredibly honest. Read how the twenty-seven year old Gajwani, who is at the helm of one of the most powerful Internet companies in India owned by the media conglomerate which runs the country’s largest circulating newspaper did it.

Corpans Wants To Be The Quora of Enterprise Segment

Till 2010, Twitter styled micro blogging/collaboration platform were the talk for enterprise segment and 2011 will witness a lot of Quora like services being launched that will enable companies to create a knowledge bank based on employees’ activity. CorpAns is…

Weekly Recap : Nokia’s End of Asha; Hike Vs. WhatsApp [and more]

We announced an IoT (Internet of Things) meetup with IBM. This is part of #BigConnect wherein we will connect corporates/enterprises and startups

Careers360 Secures Rs 6 cr Angel Funding from Ranjan Pai & Others; Here’s Why

Delhi based education marketplace Careers360 has raised Rs 6 cr in funding from Manipal Group promoter Ranjan Pai and Satya Narayanan R, the founder of Career Launcher.