PhoneCurry : Journey of 1+ Years of a First Time Entrepreneur

No one in my family has even been remotely associated with business, so I had no ‘mentor’ to start with. Just the passion to create a great product. The first few months were basically development to polish the site. The first employee was hired, 3 months later, in May. I had savings of about Rs. 5 lakh from my job that I was planning to put into PhoneCurry, and hoping that it would have self-sustainable revenue by the time my funds got exhausted. Just a vague, instinctive target. No deep analysis to back it up.

Compare Mobile Phones–Feature by Feature using PhoneCurry

It’s raining mobile phones these days. New breed of Indian companies as well as their foreign counterparts are launching their phones in India (expect Android to fuel more action in this industry) And as a consumer, you are probably confused…

Weekly Recap : Paypal India Limits Increased

Popular Articles for week ending October 16.

MP3 Player Is The Top Decision Parameter When Deciding A Mobile To Buy [Report]

Karbonn and Maxx fall behind, even after spending as much as the likes of Micromax and Spice in recent times in terms of advertisements. This probably has to do with the fact that the market feedback on their products and service quality in the market hasn’t been too good. Shows that you have to back up good marketing with good products, for it too really work. Good products can generally work by themselves (case in point being HTC, among the international brands), but good marketing alone doesn’t work in the long term.

MySmartPrice Introduces Mobile Price comparison – Why Pay More?

Vertical comparison engine and aggregation is a hot favorite amongst startups. This is amongst the few things where you make transaction based revenue without actually selling anything yourself. You will do wonders as long as you can offer a good…

The Ultimate Smartphone Shootout – Symbian vs Android vs Windows Mobile vs BlackBerry vs iPhone

Ok, so you want to buy a smartphone. Great choice. Modern smartphones gives you robust email integration, great organization capabilities (notes, calendars et all), great internet browsing experience, and above all, great extensibility through applications. They are mini personal computers…

Best of the Week–Mouseless, HP’s SiteonMobile [and more]

Top Articles for the Week ending July 11th.

How to Fire up the Usage of Paid Smartphone Apps?

Answer: Easy payment system for a start would go a long way. Really? The proof of the pudding is in the eating of course. Launched in February, the Airtel App Central, the first big scale carrier app store in India,…

101: What Really is a Smartphone?

A ‘Smartphone’ is one of those often used but little understood terms in today’s mobile tech jargon. So what does it really mean? Why should a guy like you or me opt for a Smartphone instead of a non-smart phone?…