Visualizing an E-Commerce Customer Experience Map

Implicit data such as user location, age and location can be used to tailor products based on demographics, whilst explicit personalisation, based on past purchases and searches for example, can be employed once you’ve been able to capture who they are.

From a college project to launching SHArP Edge, a startup focusing on digital education

A final year project at BITS Pilani led a few students to understand the problems and challenges faced by a large number of engineering students studying in India of being taught by ill-prepared teachers using ineffective teaching methodologies.

Moser Baer Launches Credit card shaped USB Flash Drive [Design]

Moser Baer has launched credit-card shaped USB flash drive, Zap that fits perfectly in your pocket. The easy to carry flash drive has 4GB capacity and is priced at INR 1100 (though you can buy the flash drive for Rs….

And now comes Android tablet with referral scheme [refer 15 and you get it for free]!

After Aakash tablet comes the aakashar tablet which weighs only 350 gms and is priced at Rs. 3,999/. Aakshar Tablet specification A 7”inch Tablet running on Original Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS equipped with 1Ghz Processor, Power packed with 256MB Ram,…

LegalCrystal – Indian Law Search Engine For Professionals

Ever wondered how the lawyers quote year old cases in court trails. How do they even know which year to look at and search for latest cases for citation? LegalCrystal is a product from a Bangalore based startup trying to…