OfficeYes set to clock over $2 mn in annualised sales, wants to open warehouses in Mumbai, Bangalore and Calcutta

“The run rate is growing dramatically,” said Siddharth Nambiar, Co-founder and Managing Director of . He added that that the company has acquired over 1000 customers and is now a 75 member team. “By the end of the year, we want to be a 100 member team,” said Nambiar.

Hospitality & Real Estate Conglomerate Zuri Group Forays Into E-commerce Through Office Supplies Portal

The e-tailer is currently clocks 100 transactions a day with an average ticket size of Rs 4,000.The Company will invest $20-$25 million in next two to three years, with major investment coming from Zuri Group.

Rocket Internet in India: What’s the Big Deal?

Their true strength is execution and exits. I have never seen a team execute as well as they do. They are in my opinion by far the most focused players in the European market when it comes to the start-up scene. Are they aggressive, unfair and hard to work with? Well, I don’t know about you but most successful people I know out there are usually aggressive, competitive and hard-charging. Whether you see them as unfair or hard to work with depends on which side of the table you sit. One can’t argue with their success though.