Spotted: With new Inbox, Google Comes up with a new Email Based Ad Format

To those who have enabled the new Gmail Inbox, you’d agree with me that Google’s algorithm actually seems to be working fine. And hence, a new ad format that nicely blends ad with the Inbox.

500Startups invest in TradeBriefs, email newsletter service for industry professionals

TradeBriefs provides Indian professionals with industry expertise and jobs via email newsletters (14 editions) containing industry news, global insight and exclusive jobs and claims to have over 400,000 subscribers to their newsletters.

News Roundup: Government Tapping 967 Email IDs

While 4,350 telephones and 501 e-mails were already being intercepted, orders for additional for 3,420 telephones and 465 e-mails were passed by Home Secretary recently according to internal Government documents.

User Communication – Effective Email Newsletter Design Principle

Over the years, emails have become the most convenient and easy-to-manage way to convey things to your users. While, there are tons of services that let one manage newsletters and email campaigns, the bigger problem is the email standards. Web designers and developers know the problem of making an email newsletter work in all the different email clients (online and desktop) is way more difficult than making a website work seamlessly across all platforms and browser

News Roundup: Way2SMS Launches Email Alerts on Mobile, Canaan appoints Sharad Sharma..and more

Canaan Partners Appoints Former Yahoo! and Symantec Executive, Sharad Sharma, as Entrepreneur-in-Residence Canaan Partners today announced it has appointed Sharad Sharma as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence. Sharad. Sharma previously led Yahoo! India R&D where he was responsible for product engineering for all…

Enterprise News Digest – Cisco leads Ethernet Switch Space and more

Enterprise news digest – Cisco leads Ethernet switch space, Cloudsigma, IBM software vulnerabilities, Cisco Sourcefire integration, HP IDOlonDemand

With Citrus Pay’s New Wallet App You Won’t Have to Scurry For Loose Change Anymore

Citrus Cash by Citrus Pay is a peer to peer e-wallet service in its true sense. Whether it is splitting a restaurant bill or paying as low as Rs 1 to a friend, Citrus Cash will help you in these situations.

The New Pugmarks is Elegant And Contextually Awesome : Will Take on Google Now!

Startups like Pugmarks are the ones who are pushing the limits of realtime web