Compareraja, a new price comparison platform for online shoppers

An important part of the whole shopping experience for the regular shopper is the “compareraja addon” for Chrome and Firefox, which, once installed to your browser toolbar, provides a one-click access to prices on all leading e-tailers available on compareraja’s platform (jointly developed with, i.e. affiliate business).

Analyzed: Google’s New Proposed Metrics For Ads – A Giant Leap for Online Advertising

Intelligent platforms like Google’s Adwords have been making some justice by considering supportive metrics like CTR to decide on how much visibility an ad should be given and at what price. While this helps optimize things for the publishers, it still does not change anything fundamentally to encourage branding dollars to be spent online. I particularly mean brand marketing spends and not marketing spends at large.

Of Natural Extensions And Fighting The Product Eureka Moment

You will be surprised how they rubbish the idea if they don’t know that it is coming from the founder. That is what you really need. A devil’s advocate who will question and refine every bit of the initial idea thought. Whatever comes out of this discussion is what should be used.

Lessons From a month old startup : Perfect product is a myth

We have finally launched. MyPriceIndia is live with comparison of mobiles, cameras and laptop prices. It took us more than the expected time and this still looks like a bare bone launch. An alpha version we would say. It’s been…