Exploring Gmail API : Building A Gmail Alternative [And Loads of Ideas]

I was able to hack together a simple Gmail replacement in a couple of days. This is completely functional and I use it daily as my Gmail client.

Sify to Shut E-mail Service; No One Will Miss It

From next month, Sify will shut down its e-mail service. In an e-mail sent to users, the company said

Screencast & Share On Your Mac Quicker Than Before With Screenmailer

Screenmailer, a product from a Denmark based startup, is a free screencasting or screen recording tool for OS X Mavericks users.

CloudMagic E-mail App With Super Easy Search Is Here; Everything You Want to Find in One Place

The CloudMagic e-mail app has some really cool search capabilities that help you rip into your over-sized inbox real quick.

Kloudless Strings Together Storage Services Like Dropbox Together for Gmail Users; Looks to Expand In India

Kloudless is like the plumbing between all your storage services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and SugarSync. It sits in your inbox and when you receive a file that you want to store away on the cloud, just hit the move button and select the folder you want to move it to.

Send Self Destructing E-mails With Fadeli. Don’t Worry, It Won’t Blow Up In Your Inbox

Ahmedabad based startup Mayavi Telecommunications has developed a email implementation of a self destruct message called Fade.li which fades away after a user opens it.