9 Killer Tools Every PC Ninja Must Have

A PC ninja doesn’t want to be. He is. That’s because he’s got all these great tools at his disposal. We’ve made a small list here. There are many more. If you are a PC ninja, help others out & leave a comment about your favorite PC tool that makes you a ninja!

Truecaller Hacked; Millions of Phone Records Stolen. Many Indians On It [Updated]

The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed to have hacked Truecaller, which is the world’s largest collaborative phone directory. The hackers have managed to get their hands on a number of databases including the main one, including the main database that represents 450GB of data.

SupportBee – The helpdesk software that simplifies the support service business

How SupportBee works is simple, the tickets in this case have only two states Answered & Unanswered, helping companies to resolve their customers’ problems. With an interface that resembles Gmail, SupportBee also has a feature rich API, which the companies can integrate into their product as per their needs.

Exclusive: Insieve (the team behind Dhiti) secures funding led by Ojas Ventures

Insieve product is an intelligent sharing network that learns what you share (within your network) and recommends content based on one’s reading behavior.

From Pluggd.in Forum: The Art and Science of Negotiation, The "we are a startup" Excuses

Pluggd.in forum is a high engagement community site that serves as a platform for Indian entrepreneurs to connect with each other and benefit from communities’ insights/knowledge. Within a month of launch, forum has turned out to be a very useful…

Explained: Why We Have Migrated To Facebook Commenting System?

Few days back we flipped the switch and migrated to Facebook comments. Some of you have strongly objected to this move and others have welcomed this. In short, we owe you an explanation (and context) – so here it is….