Weekly Summary : Central government Launches MoS for Entrepreneurship as the State of Kerala Bans E-commerce

In the news, government continues to function as it always has. The central government launched a ministry for entrepreneurship for the first time.

UN Gets Critical About The Centralized Monitoring System (CMS). Is The CMS a Human Rights Violation?

“The Indian government’s centralized monitoring is chilling, given its reckless and irresponsible use of the sedition and Internet laws,” said Cynthia Wong, Senior Internet researcher at HRW

India to set up public private partnership group to tackle cyber attacks, initiates 4 pilot projects

Cyber security has become a prime concern of the government in the last few months. More than 130 government websites were hacked in the first three months this year. The websites of India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), ruling Congress party and those of prominent business men have also been taken down by hackers in the recent past.

Weekly Recap – CAT Server, Government Sites Hacked, Telecom Tariff War..and more

An interesting week – India unveiled it’s ambitious solar plans, and sadly, 692 Indian government websites have been hacked just in one month! To top this all, Indian government now plans to setup a centralized system to automatically monitor communications on mobiles, landline phones and Internet.

CAT aspirants faced severe challenges as CAT servers crashed on the very first day of exam, questioning the preparedness of authority and ofcourse, their partners.

In technology front, PC sales in India showed signs of recovery (PC sales in India – 24% Growth Recorded), while Microsoft launched it’s transliteration tools and plans to launch Windows7 in 14 Indian languages.

As far as Telecom Industry is concerned, 3G Auction to be Delayed [Again?] and SMS is Telecom Operator’s next Turf for Price War – now that Reliance has started the sms turf war, do expect others to follow the herd. Question for you – are you talking more owing to the recent tariff war? Has it really impacted your billing? (or you spend half the time saying ‘Hello! Hello?’). QoS,i.e. Quality of Service has taken a hit owing to the tariff war, but then who cares (16.67 million subscribers were added in the month of October!)

Weekly Recap of Top Articles

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Weekly Recap of Interesting Articles

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Hyderabad to be a WiFi City; Government Wants To Create Separate Funds For Startups

The Newly formed Telangana state’s IT minister has announced that Hyderabad will be made a WiFi city. And not just that, he also mentioned that the government will focus on encouraging startups in IT industry and provide incubation facility, in partnership with IIIT and ISB.