The Rise Of Offbeat Content On Indian Web

There is one thing that sets these creative “startups” apart is their ability to produce good content, consistently. They did not run after money early on and now that there is traction, money shouldn’t be a problem.

E-learning Startup Edukart Raises $500k from Kima Ventures & Others

Edukart, founded in 2011 by Ishan Gupta, an alumnus of Stanford and Mayank Gupta, an IIM-K alumnus, sells courses online. The company offers courses in different sectors including retail, finance, digital marketing and programming.

Travel needs Technology needs Real Travellers!

While the internet has been a good friend for a while for planning such trips, this time around technology had a much more major role to play in our vacation. Here’s a quick recap of how it played its part.

Pi of Life : Stepping Out of the Cubicle

Then comes the shock – otherwise known as the real world. What does that look like?

Its Official. YouTube Launches Paid Channels

At the launch of the service there are over 50 channels which will be part of the program. The à la carte model chosen by Google allows viewers to pick and choose which channels they subscribe to. Subscriptions start at $1.99 and go up to $7.99 per channel per month.

App Updates: Viber Gets Desktop Version; Foursquare and YouTube for Windows Phone 8 Get Massive Facelifts

The inhouse team at Microsoft is pushing out some quality apps quickly to fill the void that exists in the Windows Phone 8 app ecosystem.

Campus Sutra wants to customise your campus life with their merchandise

If you passed out of college in India , one thing that you would’ve missed out on was college merchandise. Remember those hollywood movies where college kids wear their hoodies or jackets with their college or team ensemble. Those Alumni…

AsOf9: Facebook is Building $1.5bn Data Center & Top Stories

AsOf9, your daily technology news brief is here. In today’s news: Facebook is Building $1.5bn Data Center & Top Stories.

Entrepreneurship as an extra-curricular and hobby. Yes, that’s the way to get started!

We cannot expect India to produce a huge army of young home grown entrepreneurs when we don’t introduce this concept to them early on. It’s like expecting a country to have successful scientists or doctors without introducing science in schools.