Meet AAP, the Fastest Growing Startup in the Country [Startup Lessons]

The (less than a year old) political party startup is a classic example of a bootstrapped venture that has very little money (fraction of incumbent players), talks ethics (which isn’t an industry standard), lacks big branded names (that is needed to run in this industry) and well, is trying to survive (against all odds and media projections) in the wild world of politics.

Grey Hairs Take Note: Young Founders are Proving Their Worth

It is particularly bad in India with the “baccha hai” attitude the grey hairs show. But we are seeing this change. There is really no excuse anymore to not treat young startup folks seriously. Need a real reason? I’ll give you four.

5 Amazingly Inspiring Indian Stories That You Must Watch [DOERS]

Here’s a short compilation of truly inspiring Indian (mostly picked from TED) stories that you can’t afford to miss.

Healthcare Provider Cloudnine Raises $16 Mn From Sequoia Capital & Matrix Partners

Woman and child health care provider Cloudnine, has raised around $16.26 million (Rs 100 crore) in a Series B funding round from Sequoia Capital and Matrix Partners India and existing Series A investors.

Forum Roundup: Is Enterprise Social Networking Dead? Open Source Approach to One Time Passwords & More

Here’s a list of the active topics on the NextBigWhat forum from last week. If you’ve got the know how or you want to know how, participate and be part of the most amazing community in the country.

Pi of Life : The Value of Doing Things with Your Own Hands

It helps explore real world parallels to the theory one reads about, gets you face to face with real life situations and problems to which practical, workable solutions must be found from what one learns, and the value of such learning is immediately apparent.

On Building Team Culture : This Entrepreneur Doesn’t Let The Team Work on Fridays and Weekends

A lot of companies thing culture is about nice perks but it’s really about your Mission Statement and the Teams excitement. I think it’s impossible to have great company culture if you have a Mission that doesn’t really matter.

MadRat Games Sells 1 Lakh Copies of the Board Game; Launched 50 Products in 9 Months

Board games startup, MadRat Games which raised funding from Blume Ventures and First Light Ventures has sold 1 lakh* copies of their board game. Importantly, none of these games were traded games or imported ones – these are all developed in-house…