Employer Rating/Salary Comparison site, JobeeHive ‘almost’ shuts shop

Most of the other company review sites have been abandoned as well. Criticat, Talentty. Apart from the fact that most of these sites went thru’ recession blues when jobs were hardly few and far in between, there was ofcourse a basic missing factor – that of monetization/sustainability.

JobeeHive – Rate, Review and Research your Employer

Got too many job offers – confused about joining which company? Well, JobeeHive could help you in decision making. JobeeHive enables users to rate/review the company (they have worked for), research on a prospective employer as well as get more…

Bring back those Startups, the ones who started the fire!

Consumers are ready. More people are carrying smartphones that have the ability to act as per your wish.
And input need not be the keyboard, it should be the voice.
That’s the BoP plan, my friend!

HamaraGuru – Check Salary and Reviews of Indian Companies

This appraisal season, if you haven’t had much to cheer about you might want to have a peek into how your counterparts are doing at other companies. Even better if you can read if they are happy about it. HamaraGuru…

Weekly Recap – UID, Nokia N8, SAAS Pricing [and more]

Top 5 Articles of the Week ending May 2nd, 2010.

Naukri Launches Salary Comparison tool, PayCheck

What’s your salary? Are you paid at-par with the market? How do you fare vis-a-vis your colleagues? Well, Naukri Launches Salary Comparison tool, PayCheck to answer some of these questions.

Startup Jobs: Freelance Transcriptions, Trainees, Webmaster and more

Some of the recently posted startup jobs: Freelance Transcription Webmaster

JobsByRef – Search for jobs in stealth mode

There are tons of job sites in India and most of them just focus on the job search side of things, leaving a huge gap for other players to play in the market. We have covered career centric startups (CoCubes,…

TalentEquity – Rate/Review your Employer

TalentEquity is a startup focusing on aggregating salary information/company ratings from employees. While there are other players like jobeehive and criticat, I am sure there is enough room for few more players to play in this market. TalentEquity’s basic premise…

October Recap: Articles on Startups/Entrepreneurship/India Business..and more

Few selected posts that were published in the month of October: On Recession & Startups “..when going gets tough, we really really need to focus on execution” – Lalit, Mobisy “..best companies are created in tough times” – Suvir Sujan,…