Indian Startup Funding Report 2014Q2: Deals Pick Up Pace; E-Commerce Continues to Suck Money In

Technology and tech enabled companies in India raised over Rs 4052 cr ($675 mn) from venture capitalists and other investors in the second quarter of 2014, according to the data we’ve compiled.

Givers of Indian Startup Ecosystem; Where are YOU?

In this post, Rushabh Mehta the founder of ERPNext talks about Givers & Takers in the Indian startup scene.

MartMobi Becomes The First Indian Startup To Make It To TechStars Accelerator

MartMobi which launched at UnPluggd was started with seed capital from IIIT Hyderabad and later raised funding from BitChemy Ventures and Srini Koppolu.

500 Startups Batch 9 Announced, 3 Indian startups & 11 with women co-founders

Silicon Valley based accelarator 500 Startups has announced its 9th batch with 29 companies. Of them, three are from India. This year’s list has 3 novel fashion startups and 11 of them have at least one woman on the founding team.

Still Don’t Believe There Are Global Indian Startups? Somebody Else Does.

And Indians (VCs/startup babas) are still wondering where are the global Indian startups? Zendesk has acknowledged, but not the local ecosystem.

The Rise of Baba-ism in Indian Startup Ecosystem

These babas carry a heavy (social media) clout (or klout scores) and are extremely well connected. They have followers who call them ‘sir’ and won’t take anything against their ‘god’.

Indian Startup Founders Earn 40% Lesser than Silicon Valley Counterparts. Frugal?

On an average, startup founder salary in India was 40% less salary as compared to their counterparts in the Silicon valley.