Still Don’t Believe There Are Global Indian Startups? Somebody Else Does.

And Indians (VCs/startup babas) are still wondering where are the global Indian startups? Zendesk has acknowledged, but not the local ecosystem.

The Rise of Baba-ism in Indian Startup Ecosystem

These babas carry a heavy (social media) clout (or klout scores) and are extremely well connected. They have followers who call them ‘sir’ and won’t take anything against their ‘god’.

Indian Startup Founders Earn 40% Lesser than Silicon Valley Counterparts. Frugal?

On an average, startup founder salary in India was 40% less salary as compared to their counterparts in the Silicon valley.

Inventus Capital Raises $106 Mn Second Fund to Support Indian Startups

Early stage investment fund, Inventus Capital has announced that it has raised a second fund of $106 million to back US-India startups. A release from Inventus said that they hope to back 20-25 companies with the over-subscribed second fund. Inventus…

Qualcomm QPrize 2014: Indian Startups Here’s a Chance to Win Upto $250K Funding

Qualcomm Ventures has launched the fourth edition of the QPrize. Startups from 7 countries have a chance to win upto $250K in seed investment.

Indian Startups Rise to the Hardware Challenge [Rise of the Machines]

India is seeing a growing tribe of hardware based companies trying to target the consumer market in India and overseas.

Indian Startups, Are Convertible Debts for You?

Startup Financing with Convertible Debt: While equity financing remains the primary way of raising early stage capital in India, convertible instruments are showing some early signs of picking up.