Tripping on Entrepreneurship: Harsh Snehanshu [DOER of The Week]

“Some people would hate you because you are doing what you love. Make sure you don’t love them more”– Harsh Snehanshu, DOER of the week.

Student Entrepreneurs: Build Products, Not CVs.

When due to a twist of fate, I chose not to sit in the placements for my start-up and go full-time with it, I looked out for all those co-entrepreneurs and their ventures for support.

Book Review : Because Shit Happened (What not to do in a startup)

A lot of shit happens in startups, but most of it stays within the closed doors. Harsh Snehanshu, who earlier cofounded a startup when in college (IIT Delhi) has recently launched his book ‘Because Shit Happened: What Not to do…

The Entrepreneur who wore knickers: A very short story

The Entrepreneur didn’t need to brag about his achievements now, as numerous newspapers and magazines did it for him. The hiring strategy was strategically chalked out and while The Entrepreneur was busy giving his first TV interview, there was something else cooking up in his office.

Dear Entrepreneurs : It’s Your Facebook profile, Not Your Startup’s

The point is: there is your profile and there’s your start-up’s fanpage. Your friends/networked connections are connected to your profile – because they want to keep up with you: your life, not with your start-up. If they want to keep up with the start-up, they have the option to follow your start-up’s fanpage, which some of them would have already done.

“Thinking Scale”: Why is it important for startups?

Many entrepreneurs end up becoming self-employed and they confuse it with entrepreneurship.

An Entrepreneur’s Promise to his Mother

Sometimes I might not be able to call you for days but that would never mean I don’t remember or miss you. It’s just that things are getting tough for me and I am not in a position to share with you everything because I am afraid of making you sad. But believe me, you gave birth to a very strong kid to handle them all.

Startups, Beware of Facebook pages. It can make you complacent

What’s even more difficult is when you have your website ready, it’s very difficult to migrate the FB audience to your website. And the truth is, you can only monetize the traffic on your website, rather than on your FB fanpage. Social media marketing works only when you are getting good traction on your website and it’s the storehouse of good content/products. Check all the prominent start-up turned companies viz. Flipkart, Inmobi, Snapdeal, majority of their likes are from the users of their websites – and is therefore very targeted and very much en-cashable.

A Letter from an Entrepreneur to his Mother

The road is unknown; it’s possible that at the end of the day I realize that the road was not worth going into and I’ve to crawl back to the place where I began. Congratulate me on my experience, if that happens.

TheWittyShit Will Help You Monetize Your One-Liners Witty Tweets/Facebook Status

Witty shit happens all the time on social networks, in the form of status updates and comments on photos.. Now there is this service that can help those commenters monetize their creative one-liners by submitting them on The best,…