Tripping on Entrepreneurship: Harsh Snehanshu [DOER of The Week]

“Some people would hate you because you are doing what you love. Make sure you don’t love them more”– Harsh Snehanshu, DOER of the week.

HotelsAroundYou & FindUrClass to be Part of VentureNursery’s Fifth Batch

Two startups– HotelsAroundYou and FindUrClass– have been picked by accelerator VentureNursery for its 5th batch. The accelerator received over 500 applications, it said.

This Robot Made in Madurai Could Save Kids Trapped in Borewells

Manikandan has invented a device called “Borewell robot”, which as the name suggests, helps to rescue kids who fell in borewells.

These IITians Dropped Out To Put the Magic Ring On Your Finger

Abhishek Sharma, Harshit Srivastava and Vivek Kumar who dropped out of IIT Kharagpur to make it big. Their company Intugine technologies, have come up with a product named Nimble, a ring-sensor combination that will let you control your laptop/desktop with a single finger.

Aam Aadmi Party & Amazon – Disruption Is Not Without Problems

India’s fastest growing political startup and Amazon are different as chalk and cheese, but they are both disruptive entities trying to grow at breakneck speed, writes Akshat Choudhary the founder of BlogVault.

Lukup Media’s All in One Middleware Wants to Take Over the Living Room

Lukup Player is a single point access and control for all media, audio and video, in your homes.

IntuGine Wants to Take on Gesture Control Market With Nimble; Works From 15 Feet Away

New Delhi based startup IntuGine Technologies have developed a gesture control device which can be wound around a finger and works from 15 feet away.