7 Ways How Social Media Is Killing Your Real-World Relationships

Our physical space is constantly punctuated by notifications, alerts and beeps!

Twitter App Install Ads : Does It Deliver?

Twitter recently rolled out App Install Ads worldwide including India. While earlier also it was possible to drive App Install campaigns using Twitter Cards, they have now made it much easier removing the need to add meta tags to your…

Google’s Hidden Message to Android App Publishers? Stay Within The Walled Garden

Apps installed outside Play Store are not being counted as Installs in Play Store but uninstalling the same app is resulting in an increase in uninstalls.

Meet the Awesome Startups That Demoed at UnPluggd 8

Out of 350 applicants, we picked 7 startups that we think are making phenomenal products and solutions to address real needs, to launch at UnPluggd.

Send Self Destructing E-mails With Fadeli. Don’t Worry, It Won’t Blow Up In Your Inbox

Ahmedabad based startup Mayavi Telecommunications has developed a email implementation of a self destruct message called Fade.li which fades away after a user opens it.

Shorten your e-mails into tweets in one click with new Gmail plugin

Developed by Karthikeyan Kuppuswamy, a student at IIMB, the app adds a tiny box to every Gmail thread with a short summary of your email that you can tweet.

7 Reasons Why Every Startup Needs Responsive Website

The use of responsive web design techniques ensures your website can work seamlessly across diverse device screens of varying sizes and resolutions.

DailyDose: Is Lenovo Going to Buy Blackberry? And 13 Top Stories

DailyDose, your everyday technology news brief is here. In today’s edition: Is Lenovo going to buy Blackberry? And 13 other top stories from around the web.

Indian District Court restrains Google from sharing a users Gmail password

In an interesting twist of events, Indian district court (Vishakapatnam) has restrained Google from complying with a subpoena issued by the Superior Court of California, which ordered Google to share the password of the Gmail account belonging to an Indian…