Listen to Music Right from your Gmail account – Dhingana launches Gmail and iGoogle Widgets

Music portal Dhingana has gone social (they also won the best opensocial award from Google) and has launched Gmail and iGoogle widget. The Gmail widget is neatly done – once enabled, you can view the top playlists/create your own lists…

Exploring Gmail API : Building A Gmail Alternative [And Loads of Ideas]

I was able to hack together a simple Gmail replacement in a couple of days. This is completely functional and I use it daily as my Gmail client.

Kloudless Strings Together Storage Services Like Dropbox Together for Gmail Users; Looks to Expand In India

Kloudless is like the plumbing between all your storage services like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and SugarSync. It sits in your inbox and when you receive a file that you want to store away on the cloud, just hit the move button and select the folder you want to move it to.

Forum Roundup: GMail’s Threading Heuristics; Khadi Computing & More

If you aren’t up to speed with all the action that happened over at the NextBigWhat forum, here’s a list for you.

Sort and Do More with Gmail Attachments Using MetisMe

One of the feature that Gmail hasn’t yet implemented is sorting – not just sorting thru’ email, but sorting attachments and making them more discoverable. Mumbai based startup, MetisMe has launched Gmail Attachments Management System that stacks all your Gmail…

Shorten your e-mails into tweets in one click with new Gmail plugin

Developed by Karthikeyan Kuppuswamy, a student at IIMB, the app adds a tiny box to every Gmail thread with a short summary of your email that you can tweet.

How to Save Your Business From Gmail Outage

On Monday, Gmail services were down for many. This is the second time this month. Before you go on Twitter and vent, make sure your business isn’t affected by the outage.

Dominos’ site hacked; 37,000 accounts data compromised [stored password in plain text]

Hackers have leaked details of about 37,000 accounts, including names, phone numbers, email addresses, passwords and city details; and the passwords have been released in plain text.

Google launches Gmail SMS for feature phones in emerging markets

It has not been the first time Google has been bullish on the humble SMS. Google has in the past bundled the SMS into Google+.