Amazon Way Ahead Of FlipKart When It Comes To Cameras [Ecommerce Insights]

Amazon Vs Flipkart: In this report we look at their catalogue size for cameras category, exclusive products and better seller under overlapping SKUs.

Flipkart & Myntra Founders on The Future of E-Commerce, Merger & More [Video]

As a platform, NextBigWhat has tracked the journey of both Flipkart & Myntra over the years. And we had to have them talk to our audience at UnPluggd, India’s biggest startup conference.

Amazon Offers Better Prices For Tablets Than FlipKart [Ecommerce Insights]

In this report we will look at catalogue size of Flipkart and Amazon, common SKUs and better seller in pricing for common SKUs.

Weekly Summary: RIL & Network 18; Flipkart’s New Round of Funding & More

Here’s a quick list of stories that you shouldn’t miss.

Amazon Has Lot To Catch Up With Flipkart for Laptops [Ecommerce Insights]

Flipkart is Amazon’s biggest competitor in Indian market. Today we are comparing their catalogues for different categories, examine common products offered by them, better seller in terms of price, to see how they stand against each other.

Of Flipkart, Myntra and the ‘Unbearable Lightness of Being’ Mahesh Murthy

In the midst of all there was one shrill voice that stood out starkly for its vitriol. This voice belonged to Mahesh Murthy – part-time marketer, part-time investor and full-time resident gadfly.

Close Price Competition Between Flipkart and Amazon for Mobiles [Ecommerce Insights]

In this report we are going to look at catalogue size of Flipkart and Amazon for Mobiles – common products, better seller in terms of prices for these common products and exclusive products offered by them.

After Acquiring Myntra, Flipkart Raises $210 Million Funding Round Led by DST Global

After acquiring Myntra, Flipkart has raised $210 million investment led by DST Global. Existing investors Tiger Global, Naspers, and Iconiq Capital also participated in the financing round.

The Long Story of Flipkart’s Myntra Buyout : When Rivals Turned Friends!

The deal, estimated to be over $350 mn in value, was finally sealed– nearly 4 months after the companies started talks in January 2014. But it didn’t begin there.

Exclusive : Meet Sachin Bansal and Mukesh Bansal @UnPluggd [Flipkart : Myntra Deal] !

Meet the two cofounders : Sachin Bansal (Flipkart) and Mukesh Bansal (Myntra) at UnPluggd for an exclusive conversation on the deal!