Flipkart Myntra to Merge? [Understanding Myntra Valuation]

Flipkart and Myntra have been dancing for many months now. Well, we didn’t start the fire. In a dance, one usually leads and the other follows. Well in this case, there could be a third person leading!

Forum Recap: Words Steve Jobs Hated The Most; Flipkart’s Ad Strategy & More

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Exclusive: Flipkart to Launch Third Party Ad Services

Flipkart isn’t leaving any money on the table anywhere. Soon, the online retailer will start displaying seller advertisements on its portal.

Flipkart Partners with PODG to Distribute and Source E-Book Content

Now Flipkart users can get content from US based Publish On Demand Global (PODG) via the e-commerce platform.

Flipkart to Sell Moto X at Rs 23,999 in India; Let the Exclusivity Battle Begin

Flipkart has just announced that it will sell the Moto X for Rs 23,999 starting tomorrow. The phone will come in 5 different colors and the wood back version will sell for Rs 25,999.

Target Knows You Are Pregnant, Flipkart Wants to Know if You are a Doting Father!

Target knows you are pregnant. Homegrown e-commerce firm Flipkart wants to know if you are a doting father. That is, not in a creepy way, they say.

Weekly Summary: Celebrity & Cash Doesn’t Guarantee Success; Flipkart’s $1 bn GMV & More

We’ve had lots of news from the world of startup and technology this week. Here’s a quick recap.

Flipkart hits $1 bn GMV; Beats 2015 Target

Flipkart has just come out with a statement say that the company has hit $1 bn in Gross Merchandise Value.

Update: Lenovo Says Online Sellers May Not Be Authorized; Flipkart Counters, Says Warranty Stays

In a move that will come as a punch on the face for most online ecommerce players, device manufacturers have begun sending out notices informing customers that online portals are not their authorized product resellers.

Flipkart Myntra Exploring Synergies? Oh Okay.

Well, we told you 2 months, 9 days back