Announcing: The #BraveTalk Entrepreneurs Talking About Startup Failures At UnPluggd

Startups are about iterations – some work and some don’t. And many a times, they don’t.
So what happens to those entrepreneurs? What happens to those lessons?

Handling Rejection: Entrepreneurship Lessons Learned at UnPluggd

Entrepreneurs go through rejections on a daily basis – right from investors to customers to employees. Handling rejections is not easy.

These Entrepreneurs Started One Midnight on a Hungry Stomach: There’s Been No Turning Back Since

This was the beginning of Delhivery, a last mile logistics company which now employs over 3,200 people and handles over a lakh packages a day.

How 2 Friends From College Weathered 16 Years of Entrepreneurship & 2 Startups

Hareesh Tibrewala and Sanjay Mehta started their startup journey in 1998. 16 years later, their second venture, Social Wavelength got acquired by JWT.

bigMobilityConf : Calling Entrepreneurs, App Developers, Tough Questions And Growth Mindset!

‘When you are the smartest guy (or girl) in the room, just leave the room” [an interesting PoV by a fellow entrepreneur]

Most of the app developers are NOT leaving the room. They are enjoying the download numbers, which compare nothing with global counterparts.

Happy Birthday Sachin! What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Legend

As the master blaster turns 41 on Thursday, we are reminded of a saga of true sportsmanship, humility and innumerable number of records in the world of cricket.

20 Commandments of Indian Entrepreneurship League

Design your startup flight plan while taking the cues of brutal turbulence which may help to avoid rough weathers or alter it.

5 Evil Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Facebook : Show No Mercy

In their march towards this goal, they’ve crossed many a grey line. Scratch that. They’ve gone outright bad pretty often.

And yes, we think startups should learn from some of this.

Mobile Entrepreneurs/App Developers : Apply for bigMobilityConf #PitchStop [Application Form is Live]

At the conference, 10 startups/app developers will get a chance to launch/demo their product in front of mobile/telecom sector’s early adopter community – from entrepreneurs to geeks to investors.

Lessons from Indian Serial Entrepreneurs Who Inspire

We put together a quick list of some of the sharpest serial entrepreneurs of our times. Take a look!